Skeleton AI requires adjustment.

Currently the ranged skeleton AI is broken.

Archers being the worst. They don’t do anything but sit behind you most of the time. if you start running, even just a little bit, they start running with you leaving them useless. The only way to get them to attack at the moment is if you stand still, well the result is death.

Mages are a bit better but you would often find them doing nothing too.

Melees are fine, perhaps the ranged AI should be adjusted to target like the Melee ones does.

Another thing I’d love to know is the actual damage type for different skeletons, on the skill tooltip it says ancient weapon physical, vitality damage, but what about mages? what about the skeleton general?

I want to make a skele based build, but I need to understand the damage type, otherwise the damage conversion on some skills will be useless for pets.

Use the “pet attack” button often, it helps to get them work :wink:

Yes you can, but it’s very annoying you see, as different skeles have different attack animations, mages generally need some time to cast and archers immediate, if you click pet attack frantically then the skeles will have a seizure, and it makes the blightfiend move around aimlessly too.

That’s why you don’t click it frantically. Click it once on an enemy and it tells your pets to focus on that enemy. Once that enemy dies, they spread out and go after whoever they want until you tell them all to focus on another enemy.

Yeah the rangers are a bit of a pain and they seem like they have the highest chance to spawn as well. It’s fairly often you will spawn three at a time, could we be so lucky with melee spawns?

As a summoner, melee is what I’m most after since I want to sit in the back and support my summons not run into the fray to make sure all my minions are engaged in combat.

Yes the Pet Attack command is useful, but having to press this for every mob I come across kind of defeats the point for me. I expect some level of intelligence from my minions, attack x within x radius or something and maybe this could be higher for skeletal rangers. Skeletal mages don’t seem to suffer from this problem, so I would really appreciate it if the devs could give the skeletal rangers another pass.

For me, the Pet Attack command feels like it should be used in case of x situation, not every situation. When I want to focus on a particular enemy, or disable enemy traps or supports.

Doesn’t work like that though, as soon as you move all the ranged move with you, which resets their attacking pattern, so you have to click all over again.

Yeah, I’m liking the skeleton skill but it does need some work. For instance, mine don’t react to the pet command keybind like normal pets. The ranged ones seem to be the strongest, but mine always just chill back and do nothing while the melee notices mobs from a mile away. I found the mages really lacking with their meteor attack. Got enough attackers even with the ranged rarely doing their job. Imho they should be changed to Priests or Warlocks, buff or debuff.