Skeleton Key blueprint

So I’ve done Descent Into Torment and received my Blueprint: Skeleton Key and one Skeleton Key from Kalderos, but when I go to a blacksmith, I cannot find the recipe under any category.

I’ve even gone back and killed Grand Priest Zarthuzellan again, but still none of the blacksmiths from Angrim all the way through to Horrus gives me the option to create a Skeleton key.

What do I do now?

Did you actually learned the blueprint by right clicking on it? It will appear right at the bottom in the components section.

Yes, of course I learned the blueprint.

It’s at the very bottom of the miscellaneous tab where you craft components. It should be next to the Aether Shard recipe.

Yes, I’ve had it before on previous characters, more than a year ago, and it should be there now but it isn’t.

Maybe something went wrong with your save files. Do you use cloud or local saves?

Did you delete al your characters by any change?

All of my old characters are gone as I never use cloud storage and the computer was reformatted back in February. I haven’t had any file problems with anything, GD or otherwise. I dislike having to resort to a save file editor, but I’m not likely going to roll a whole new character just to get a new skeleton key blueprint.

You can buy a new blueprint from the special vendor in Blood Grove.

I ended up rolling a new character, and not only getting the skeleton key but also the Sanctuary relic blueprints. And of course as soon as that happened, I managed to get two more Sanctuary blueprints. Palm, meet face.