skeleton key on vender

why is the skeleton key recipe on the secret vender in blood grove?

Almost every one should have this recipe by the time they make it to blood grove, this was my 1st visit to this vender on this new character and I must say I was not impressed to find the skeleton key on the vender =/

It feels like a waste of time checking the venders when you get one you already have right ?, but to be given the skeleton key as a recipe is basically a slap in the face given the fact every one will get this recipe from doing quest content.

On a side not I would just like to add, I am one of the people who did not mind geting double recipe drops before it was patched to more chance of less doubles. I dont mind getting double recipes from drops but to get a quest recipe that I got pretty much at the start of the game is a little bit annoying.

That vendor ALWAYS has the Skeleton Key blueprint. He sometimes has other BPs, but nothing spectacular. He does have nice weapons sometimes for crafting.

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Zantai said somewhere that they wanted to give characters that hadn’t bothered with the side quest a way to acquire the key and a means to craft it.

Can you put a more wide map? I can’t find the vender.

Go to blood Grove, go towards the mill, with North upwards on your map, take your first left. Should be a group of mobs, turn into the bushes to the river. Follow the river north

What it you want to do BoC but didn’t bother doing the SoT quest?

Thanks! I find it.