Skill/Attribute Point Mod

I have a desire to make a dinky mod that simply modifies the awarded skill points and attribute point you get per level.

With help from older posts from Achalesas & Ceno I was able to see what I needed to do and I have it working…however, I have some questions.

The only resulting mod file was …\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\Warhammer\database<modname>.arz.

  1. Since I did the whole extract the base campaign steps in the mod guide, I thought it put a whole copy into my mod…yet since this is the only file and when I ran it the first encounter/quest is what I saw, is it fair to say that all I’m doing in this scenario is overriding the base playerlevels.dbr?

  2. If that is true, does it mean that even if the base campaign is changed by Crate, I don’t need to redo this mod? (unless they too change playerlevels.dbr?

  3. Also, since characters are separate for mods vs. base campaign, does it mean if I change the mod in the future, I need to recreate characters…this certainly doesn’t seem to be true, since I made a few changes and it still had my character, but I want to be sure :slight_smile:

  4. Lastly (for now!), the shared stash…I know there is a single-player and hardcore player stash, however, I can’t tell if there is a modded vs. non-modded stash…is there such a thing?

Sorry for being so long-winded! And thanks for any help.

I’m just as confused, IMO.

I’ve tried three different mods that are supposed to change the allocation of stat/skill points.
I start a new char, activate the mod, and check when the test char levels -
nothing changes there.
While other aspects of the mods seem to be in place, the stat/skills always remain the same.
I’ve tinkered with it myself, with the same results. No changes to stat/skill points given on levelup are being parsed.

Any idea how to force the game to accept those changes?

You need to follow the guide to “unpack” (or whatever they call it) the base assets as you use them below:

  1. Open AssetManager.exe
  2. Create/Modify Mod
  3. Database > Import Record and then bring in “records\creatures\pc\playerlevels.dbr”
  4. Select “Database” tab
  5. Navigate to “records\creatures\pc” and open playerlevels.dbr (This will open the file in the “Crate DBR Editor”)
  6. Go to All Groups > Level Up Parameters > characterModifierPoints <- this is the number of Attribute Points per level
  7. Go to All Groups > Level Up Parameters > skillModifierPoints <- this is the number of Skill Points per level
  8. Save this file
  9. “Build” within the AssetManager

Then I was able to load the modded game and see both the Skill and Attribute points as I had changed them.

I hope this helps…and I hope someone can answer my questions above. Thanks!

Unpacking (tools: extract game files) fails using the asset manager, though I can use grimarz/arc to extract the files - in a completely unassociated folder called ‘extracted’ which cannot, apparently, then be re-packed for use.
Unfortunately, no matter where they are, packed or not, whenever I attempt to modify anything of any sort within Asset Manager I get the same message:
Template not found.

I can manipulate them manually with notepad++ but that has zero affect on the game itself. The asset manager simply does not function properly, or intuitively, to make extracting>editing>compiling logical or even possible.

If I navigate back to the core game, however, it did finally decide to extract the game files. But that’s not what I’d like to modify - when I play the game unmodded I want the core files unaffected. I’d like to tinker with an existing mod, which simply does not seem to work in the least.

After going back and extracting the core game files, then going in and re-selecting the mod, I was THEN finally able to open the associated .dbr files - that is what appears to be missing and why I’m noting it here so I can find it when I try to mod the game again another day.

A - follow the above instructions; open Asset Manager, under the mod tab choose ‘none’, then go to tools and extract files. Once that is complete, go back to the mod tab and choose the mod you want to work with (or create) - you can then access all the files properly. After that, choose ‘build’ and it should save your changes properly.
But it also means you may have to re-start the campaign fresh each time you modify things.

As far as I know (and I’m really not an expert):
2) If there’s an update to the game, you don’t have to redo the mod unless they indeed modify that single file (assuming that your mod only consist of that file). If they change anything in a file your mod uses, yours will simply overwrite it while you’re running the mod.
3) No, you can use any character you created in custom game mode in any mod. I don’t know what happens if you’re for example wearing an item yo created in 1 mod in another mod that doesn’t have those files, but I guess in your case that’s not really a problem :slight_smile:

I don’t know the answer to your last question, but I hope the other 2 helps.