Skill Grenado, transmuter, and connected skills.

For reference first:

Grenado does physical, piercing, and chance of Knockdown

High Impact is connected to Grenado and is 25% chance of +%physical and +%Internal Trauma. Also Fire Damage.

Shattering Blast is connected to Grenado and does flat Internal Trauma. Also +% crit, fire, and pierce

So I think I understand those three. The %IT on High Impact increases the IT of Shattering Blast since Grenado does not have IT damage or Weapon Damage.

My question is on the transmuter. It converts physical to lighting.

Question one: High Impact does +%physical. Does the transmuter change the %physical to %lightning?

Question two: Is the flat IT on Shattering Blast converted into flat Electrocute?

Question three: Is the %IT on High Impact changed to %electrocute?

If no, no, no it seems the transmuter is very niche because it turns a 3 connected skill that somewhat supports each other into a skill where the base skill is not as much supported by the connected skill. In other words you change the base to deal lightning but the supporting skills are modifying physical (in addition to doing other things like crit)

It works as with every other skill, so yes. You no longer have any % physical/IT there with the transmuter, only lightning and electrocute.

I don’t believe the converter actually changes the % bonuses from physical/IT because the modifiers apply before the transmuter takes effect.

The conversion takes place after all the in-skill modifiers are applied. The +%IT boosts the IT and then the transmuter changes it all to electrocute, which is then boosted by out-of-skill modifiers.

So to answer your questions:

Yes, Yes, No but it applies before the transmuter

That totally makes sense that the internal skill calculates the damage with modifiers before the transmuter changes it all. So high impact applies it’s bonus to physical damage BEFORE the transmuter changes physical to lightning. Makes sense thanks.

No, this is wrong. What username said is right. +%phys/it on skill nodes work as if they were +%lightning/electrocute. Nothing is applied before anything. If two modifiers are applied separately to the same variable it’s as if those modifiers were multiplied by themselves. +250%phys on high impact would turn your global +2000% lightning into +5000% lightning (instead of +2250% which is what really happens)

It’s all been tested for Cadence and Forcewave. Maybe grenado is an exception but I tested the build (didn’t do the math though) and it certainly doesn’t do that kinda (or, frankly, any serious kinda) dmg.

I think I understand it now. I would have to put forth example numbers and post them to confirm for sure I understand. But to put simply without examples if you transmute physical to lightning you don’t lose all of the %physical or %IT modifiers. They turn into %lightning or % electrocute as you said.