+Skill on gear snapshotting

If i equip a piece of gear that gives me + 1 / 2 … to a skill and cast it and then I take that gear off the bonus still persists. For example, I still havemore % damage reduction of Maiven’s Sphere of Protection even if the gear that gives it to me is not equipped but the Sphere was cast when that item was on. Is it intended?

Interesting…equip a Badge of Mastery, Empowered Maiven’s Hood/Mistwalker Leggings and get a max level Sphere and high Conversion, then change them to other items.

I assume it works for other toggled buffs as well?

It also works for summons. Not sure if intended, but it hardly is a relevant exploit, too much hassle if you really wanted to abuse it or too little gain to matter if you do with one item like you do.

Guess you can look at it as the char had the ability to cast the skill/summon at that level at the time it was cast and once cast/summoned the spell/creature is self sustaining within its duration and it’s only when the char goes to cast/summon next time that loss of the chars ability is shown in the spell/summon being weaker than before the char lost the points into the skill.

Yes as Mamba says it can be exploited, but the gains are so very, very minor and short-lived compared to the time taken and hassle involved :wink: