Skill point resetting

Google is telling me there are 4? spirit guides in the game but i cannot find any. I know the spirit guide in Devil’s crossing died so that leaves 3 neither of which are where they are supposed to be. So is there any way i can adjust my skill points?

I always go to Crucible when in doubt. All guys are always there.

Sahdina (rip) in Devil’s Crossing, one in the Coven Refuge, one in the Conclave of Three and one in any Crucible map

None, repeat none are where they are supposed to be.

Crucible guy Kracius is there so all good, thanks guys.

Then I suggest you verify your game files because they do exist and never move from those positions.

How do i verify my game files? I bought the game thru Steam and liked it so i got the 2 expansions and just today an hour ago got “Crucible” because i needed to change my char stats.
As stated before those spirit guides are simply not there.

Right click on the game’s icon in your Steam library, go down to Properties and then across to Local Files, then click on the verify option in there.

If I’m not mistaken isn’t there one in Malmouth as well, once you complete the quest to find the missing citizens?

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If you mean in Coven’s Refuge, she’s always there. None of the Spirit Guides move from their positions. And only Sahdina dies.

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Huh, never knew she even existed.

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well I have almost 4k hours in the game and did not know about blacksmith in fort ikon until yesterday :slight_smile:

Here are all of those guys listed by Grim Tools
(click the picture to show Spirit Guides too).

i always found it annoying that sahdina died.

Well I’ve personality always found it suspicious that Jullianna, gets back and forth from Malmouth to the Conclave of the Three as fast as you do. It’s like she can open rifts. And she’s…following you.