Skillpoints Modifications

So, I’ve been searching around to find a thread about modifying skillpoints and attributes. I found the player.drz or whatever its called. I opened it in Notepad ++ and modified my skills to the way I want, I’m at least assuming. The long strand of numbers are changed and the amount per level were changed. I saved it and it does not seem to be applying.

I know absolutely nothing about modding. I assumed that modifying the file would have worked. Did I miss a step or can you not change it via file editing on Notepad alone? I’m playing Cataclysm but enjoyed Smash N Grab’s 5 skill points a level. Any recommendations as to how to achieve this?

You have to create a mod with your modified .dbr entries and whatever else you potentially added / changed. The AssetManager creates an .arz with the .dbr entries and you then have to have a subdir with your mod under the mod subdir of GD. Finally, you have to load that mod in game for it’s changes to apply.

So basically, I need to repackage Cataclysm Redone with the modified .dbr file as a new mod and then go from there? Not sure how to even begin to do that, haha. I’ll go read up on modding since I thought this was going to be far easier.

So I opened the Catalyst Redone mod. I went and modified the file via the DBR editor. When I select the Catalyst Redone mod in Grim Dawn I don’t seem to get the right amount of skills. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. O.o

Sorry if this is an obvious issue or something, this is the first time I’ve ever mucked around in something like this.

Figured it out. Reinstalled Cataclysm and redid my changes. Now it works.