skills for default weapon attack skills for procing multiple devotion skills

I would like to know if there are any “skills granted by item which activates off default weapon attacks” other than the volley and Marauder’s Salvo for dual wielding pistol fire strike skill.

Currently I have 4 devotion skills to assign for the default fire strike, but I only use the fire strike + volley, so I need at least 2 more default proc skills to assign the rest.

I do not want spoilers nor see the item list on wiki, so please answer by simple Yes/No / Many/Some.

Edited: I got 2 of marauders ammo belt so far and both of them are of lv.26 with really low stat. Can this belt drop with higher item level with better stats?

Maybe I’m not getting it, but I would not assign devotion skills to a passive attack, suppose it happens 5% of the time, you don’t get much XP into it. GD experts, is this even viable? Instead, assign it on something that you use often.

Primary and secondary attacks are your two skills, use other active abilities for the other two. Unless you don’t have any other abilities, which in my opinion would be super boring to play.

In my case (lvl 75 sorcerer), flesh freeze procs a devotion skill 100% of the time, while grenado does it in 85% of the cases, which is essentially all the time. I think #1 is bound to fissure and #2 is elemental storm, both of which do some elemental DoT.

Speaking of having everything on a default attack, in my build I don’t have a default attack at all. Primary is sacred strike, secondary is grenado. In this case I also don’t care about cast/attack speed anymore, but this is off the point. The point was - be versatile, learn several skills and learn how to use them efficiently in battle. Then everything gets easier.

@neolisk: a celestial skill mapped to any ability gets full xp from all xp gains. You don’t have to use it, you just have to attach it.

@op: nope. But you can map celestials to aoe debuff skills like Flashbang or cooldown skills like mines or mortar, which you ought to be using in addition to your basic attack. If you really only have one attack type on your hotbars, that’s the problem you need to be solving.

If you post your second class and complete build, we can give more thorough advice.

I am currently Elite Act4 almost to finish in HC.

On Demolitionist tree, I opted
Flame touched + Temper,
Full Fire Strike tree except Brimstone
Vindictive Flame

On sub class, Arcanist,
Iskandra + Overload

On Devotion tree,
many Red affinities, hence fire damage and life steal points, and total 5 skills, 4 of which are offensive skills.

Meteor shower
Eldritch Fire
Raise the Dead
Ghoulish Hunger

I am going to put 4 points on Canister Bomb 1 + Concussive 3 in the future, but currently I do not need them, the dps is already more than enough to safely kill enemies.

Devotion skills on cool down skills would be quite useless, so I wanted to assign on the Fire Strike.

There are some items with passive skills for pistol builds. But I suggest not to plan for them until you actually found any of them.

There is an empowered version of the Marauder’s Ammo Belt, which you might be able to use on Elite difficulty.

Thank you for your answer, I am exited to hear about there are those items!

Also really nice to hear there is an empowered version of the Marauder’s Ammo Belt!

I have no specific problems on my current build so I will look for those items drop in future and go ahead.

Did I just get it right? Even if you never cast a skill, it will still make an attached devotion skill accumulate XP ? So you don’t even need to have it on the cast bar ? Wow. :smiley:

Yes, seems to be right:

The opposite is true. Devotion skills assigned to cooldown skills have their proc chance increased proportionally to the length of the cooldown, which means that cooldown skills- especially AOE cooldown skills- are ideal for proccing celestial powers.

For example, your Eldritch Fire has a base 15% chance to proc. When mapped to Flashbang which has a mere 1 second cooldown, the chance to proc increases to 27%, and is rolled for every enemy in the AOE. So if I Flashbang a pack of mobs it’s almost certain that Eldritch Fire will proc and then spread through the pack. Your Canister Bomb, with an 8 second cooldown, will have a 100% chance to proc a devotion with any on-attack proc rate- so, even if you don’t feel like you need the DPS now, you might want to spend those points just to get a celestial power activator.

Thank you for your tips!

I never thought the proc rate of devotion skills would change based on the base proc skills.

Now I mapped 2 of those devotion skills on a 3 sec cool down skill, the Daemon Breath, which I had not been using at all. Now those devotions skills are activated frequently and the clear speed has increased significantly.

I will test which skills are good as an activator tomorrow.


I never thought the proc rate of devotion skills would change based on the base proc skills.

Ok, I’ll try to make myself more clear next time. :slight_smile:

Indeed, you had been pointed it out already.

But I could not understand what you meant.:stuck_out_tongue: