:damage_chaos: Skills granted by items [video, GT links, damage types, source item types]

Table updated with the new skills from 1.1.6. Click a skill to watch a corresponding video if you haven’t already.

Skill (link to YT) Item (link to GrimTools) Damage types Item type
Cryptstalker Cryptstalker Vitality, Aether 1h mace
Hyrian’s Claw Hyrian’s Bulwark Weapon, Elemental, Burn, Frostburn, Electrocute shield
Veil Ripple Scion of the Screaming Veil Weapon, Physical, Aether, Burn 2h mace
World Gate Gate to Many Worlds Physical, Elemental off-hand

Seriously, this is stellar stuff. I’d give you an extra Birb if I could. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hey, i think it would be useful to have olerons might on here. its a little used component but i’m pretty sure the attack is an aoe despite its description. could be wrong tho.

i was thinking of sacred strike. sry for the mini necro.

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Necros are welcome

I included them in the table but didn’t make gifs as I had planned because both are just single target hits, nothing special about them.

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  • added Level column

    • it’s required level
  • added a separate table with the most powerful skills

    • that I can think you can make a build around

Excellent resource you made here @tqFan! Much appreciated!

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Added Spectral Bolt and Reaping Arc
(click skill names to watch videos)

Skill (link to YT) Item (link to GrimTools) Damage types Item type Level
Spectral Bolt Specter Vitality, Aether empowered relic 25
Reaping Arc Uroboruuk’s Reaping Weapon, Vitality, Aether, Vitality Decay mythical relic 90

Just wanted to say thanks, this is ridiculously useful!!
Is there any method you followed to surface all of these? I’d love to try and surface the same data for % chance procs

I don’t remember precisely but I might have done a lot of work not to miss anything interesting to me.
I guess you could search for chance on attack for example
The problem is Grim Tools displays only about 500 results at most, more is not shown.
In this case after searching for chance on attack you can for example filter out just Legendary
After that just Epic, then just Rare
Then maybe just Chance on Block Legendary etc
to ensure ~500 results are not displayed because this might mean some results are hidden.

Sorry for the lack of response, life getting in the way!

Thanks a bunch, this is super helpful! I had no idea about the 500 limit and never paid attention to it!

I’ll attempt to get started this week!

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A pet table would be nice to have too :slight_smile:
Could have Pseudo and Real Pets.

Skill Identify Question:

I am looking for a skill which is sometimes used by Groble mages, and also one of the Trapped Wraiths in near Ugdenbog Refuge.

Slow falling spiked Ice-Orbs, which tend to freeze the target for a short time.

Grim Tools only states “Fire projectiles from the sky over time”

Can someone identify and, if there is, point to a skill/Item offering the skill? I want it for my Cold/Lightning Light show…

Second Skill I am looking for I witnessed in the plains of strife, some Human opponent summoned blades that followed and drained me for a time. There seems to be a ranged Mythical weapon, it’s description would match, but I never could use it with my builds to check it out. I think it was this one: https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/2395

Does this fit?

If anyone knows, let me know.

Maybe some regex multi-line matching in Grim Tools can help you:

GDStash the weapon / character (copy character folder somewhere as back-up and then modify), use GDDefiler to check it out.

Well… no, the way of searching did not help to find an item which matches (I think it’s some non-mythical Trozan stuff, but that option I knew before), but it sure tought me new ways of searching. :grin:

Regex multiline, never heard THAT one before! :laughing: Didnt know Grimtools was that sophisticated either.

It’s good to learn new things every day. feeling humbled

Do these skills have to be on some items? Maybe their users just have these skills natively?

Anyway, this multi line matching is helpful if you’re searching for an item that i.e. has both Ligtning and Cold damage.

Also I sometimes search for i.e. X Reduced Target’s Resistances but don’t want to display %Reduced Target resistances:

/[0-9] reduced target’s resistances/

If you’d like to quickly search for conversion without typing the whole thing:


:slight_smile: (doesn’t require regex mode)

Well, I tested all skills from Masteries and Devos, no one matches the described ones, so I thought, that MAYBE some Items hold them. ‘Call the Storm’ I found that way.

That’s usually how I search, and I thought I was sooo clever using the * ! :wink:

Now… do me a favor: where could I start reading about these searchterms and the underlying knowhow?

Maybe you can find some info in these posts in Database thread:

… I wasn’t asking related to Grimtools, I was asking related to the base knowhow for this, in general. What to read, where to start?


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You’re the MAN! Thank you very much!