Skills modifying other skills

So… I don’t see anywhere where the skills are linked to each other. I look at the grid files for the layout of the images, and the before/after for the graphics of the lines that connect things. There are the fields for prerequisite weapons and so on…

There’s the mastery “tree” file, but there’s no tree in there, just a list of the skills. But, I don’t see anywhere in a skill itself, or elsewhere, that specifies “this transmuter changes that skill” or “this skill modifies that skill”.

The same question applies to the devotions (“this devotion skill requires this other one first”; I also don’t see the where the affinity requirements/bonuses are specified).

Has someone gotten this one yet? Am I missing something/somewhere obvious?

I’m lost trying to make a new transmuter for a skill that already got one. I looked up a TQ tutorial since the tools are similar (note that I never used them) and I just might have found something. It might have to do with skillConnectionOff/On but I’m confused on how does a .tex file would link skills to each others. And why are those links not specified in every other base skills?

Stating my problem in this thread;

Here’s a picture of my current transmuter

The important thing is to have matching number of skillconnection entries for the original skill… take a look at the number of entries for arcane missile for example.

I think the skills also need to be in order in the classtree file.

For transmutes that branch down there’s a special entry name in skillconnection and it also needs to be in order on the tile it appears on.

So you’re saying it’s hard-coded? The skillconnection is just a texture.

Lol no that’s not what I’m saying at all. Or am I? Who knows I’m just trying to explain how I connected new skills.

Basically skills are automagically connected if they’re on the same tile line and if you specify the correct number of skillconnection entries in the original skill.

OKAY! It reads from the graphics/grid to link them up, not actually specified in the skill.

Oh. I feel dumb, now it makes sense. Yeah pox1_buff.dbr got it going, but somehow the transmute connection isn’t there.

I believe this is the only point that matters. Skill connectors have nothing to do with how modifiers/transmuters affect a skill, at least they didn’t in TQ. I’m assuming it carries over because in TQ, it was very simple.

Put your skills in order of how you want them to be affected in the skill tree. Use the other masteries as references, you will see them listed as:


and so on for every skill. Each modifier must follow right after the base skill, and each transmuter must follow the skill you want it to affect, with all the other mods behind that.

So that interpretation is it reads them linearly… Base skill and then everything’s a modifier of that skill until it hits another base skill? That makes more sense to me :slight_smile:

Pretty much.

I’d like to add that “b” isn’t in use unless it is specified explicitly somewhere. They did some version management by renaming, and that threw me for a loop until I found some very obvious examples, like “Old July 2015 pox” or something like that.

pox1b.dbr is the transmuter for Bloody Pox and is in use (I believe all transmuters finish with b.dbr)
There’s a lot of old versions of skills in the files, you just have to be careful what you pick.