Skills that "Buff" enemy?

I remember come over the skill 1 time, not sure its a character skill or a item skill or even devotion skill, it do some thing like buff the attack of enemy meanwhile reduce their def or some thing, could any one tell me what is that skill? too much skill and place to look :smiley:

Fevered Rage - the commuter of Bloody Pox. It also provides a reduction to enemy health.

Its an Occultist Skill Transmutation for Bloody Pox called Fevered Rage. (roughly in the middle of the screen).
Think this is the one your looking for. If you want to find other skills too, GrimCalc is a great method to do so.

ahhh, thank guys. yes this is what I looking for, new Idea for reflect build, but let see this conjurer can survive enough to reflect :smiley:

Reflect builds is pretty much all it’s good for.