Skip AoM in Normal/Elite on old characters?

Hey all,

Just curious how many people are going back to do AoM on their old 85 characters? I ran through the first two areas on Normal to grab devotion shrines then went back to Ultimate. Any reason, beyond the two tonics which you get at the beginning, to run AoM Normal/Elite rather than just run it on Ultimate? Want to see if I’m missing anything.


I skipped on all my chars old and new, except the first new one

Yes, the only things you’ll really be missing out on are the tonic and some new rare mats

I did run Act 5 with some character that was already sitting at 85 in Ultimate (old char) it is SUPER fast and with Mandate it basically give you Revered for both Coven and Barrowholm.

Main interest is if you don’t thing/want/will kill the Ravager with the specific character you get the 25k Reputation on him buy the Augment and turn on them in Ultimate.

On new character I will at least unlock the Reputation on both of them so I can farm it by killing Beast and Chtonian respectively. Malmouth isn’t usefull as only Vanguard raise their Reputation

Yeah i skipped it on all of them. Even Skipped it on normal on a new char and only played it on elite/ult.

A level 85 character might not be enough to handle Ultimate AoM if they aren’t extremely well geared. I haven’t personally played an old character again. I just started over instead.