Hey guys,

so in my attempt to further deepen my knowledge of game mechanics and build mechanics I bring you the latest build I’ve been trying to perfect;

This is as good as I can get it and knowing how good some of you are at this game and how well you understand mechanics I was wondering if you might help me get more damage out of this build? This doesn’t have to remain a dual wield build.

To help polish skills investment

  • You get small benefit from Temper, But if you wants more armor. Fine (It don’t help much though)
  • Ultimate lv of Explosive strike give you very small bonus. 12/12 is really enough
  • Brimstone is the late game most efficient ultimate lv skill. I use to say “when you have very high %dmg. Increment in flat damage affect a lot.”
  • 11/16 vindictive Flame is the most efficient investment for total speed. 16/16 is about 5 skill points to get 3%. If you have point to spend, you may max it later
  • Effective investment blast shield is around 9/12 to 12/12. Getting ultimate level isn’t worth IMO. It’s still 4 sec then nothing.


  • You still have “X Reduced target(s) resistance” slot left. You may take Manticore or Rhowan’s Crown to further RR your foes.
  • Due to you’re squishy without shield. Find some reduced enemy damage source is good.

PS. Marauder’s Belt? You already have ability DW pistol in the Medal, then why you use that belt. The WPS skills from belt isn’t that strong. To get +3 Firestrike also not that sweet to lose bonus from Ulzuin’s belt too.

I didn’t even realise my medal did that, thank you for the heads up. To answer your points and not arguing just letting you know my thinking.

Temper I took because I thought the extra physical damage would give a boost to my fire damage due to the phys to fire conversion on my pistols. Also it boosts my overall physical damage percentage. I keep seeing different opinions on the nature of what is most efficient for vindictive though I think they are referring to the healing. I didn’t think crown or manticore would stack with the thermite mine reduction?

Marauders belt was because I missed the fact that the medal gives dual wield.

Appreciate the skills run down. Will give me points to use elsewhere.

About resistance reduction, you may read from this thread :wink:

It is good for everyone to develop their own build. I already guide what I can.

About future improvement.

  • You may want to increase more dps by other dmg source like some skills or procs. (To improve kill time)
  • More survivability or able to facetank some serious enemies like Fabius, Iron maiden. (Which is really hard for ranged and caster build. So prepare it well if you wanna beat them with the build).
    I personally don’t know how to deal with them with lowest defensive skill/devotion investment for these builds yet. May be you can ignore them and have fun with the rest :slight_smile: