Sleep is Weak

Good afternoon hero’s of Grim Dawn. I am here to play as much GD as possible. I will be writing reviews, suggesting updates and hosting a live streaming regularly starting 4/28/14, that is April 28th. I hope I do not get annoying to anyone as I will be posting early and often, I just want to help and I hope others can help me craft my suggestions.

My Stream is (streaming GD often starting 4/28)

Please leave your thoughts via PM or via stream. I will be trying out all classes and would love to take advice from others about builds and gear.

Thx ;),

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Greetings from the Grim Company. Glad you have joined the fight brother.

chuckles Curious, have you ever read The Black Company by Glenn Cook? Totally made me think of that. =/

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Just an FYI, I play Hardcore ONLY… Just so everyone knows.

first thing that was coming up on me when i saw your title (see pic for explanation :P)

But also, welcome and goodluck with the stream!

I’ve been an online gamer myself and what i realized after a few years of wasting my nights playing online games instead of sleeping, is that all the opportunities in life come by day so even if you plan on playing games, it’s better to do it in normal hours. Night is meant for sleeping :wink:

Also, what kind of gaming rig do you plan on using for online streaming?

Welcome by the way :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dikkiedik Love Patrick!!!

I love sleep but that’s because I am weak :slight_smile:

Regardless of the time I go to sleep, whether it be 10:00pm or 2:00am, I wake up tired.

I turn 28 this Friday, 02.05.2014 and I can tell you that since I was approximately 16 or so, I have been getting on average 5 - 7 hours of sleep a night. I know everyone is different and with that comes a difference in needs that the body has, but I have found it very easy to maintain a rewarding life with this amount of hours of sleep.

Knowing that I plug my ear phones in, boot my up game of choice and tell the rest of the world to piss off for a good few hours each night keeps my mood positive and enables me to get through each working day.

Without those precious hours of peace, quiet and gaming each night, I would not be a happy dan…


Actually - if you could only let it - your body would eventually find it’s own natural sleep rythm (depending on sunlight), which would be the perfect amount of sleep specifically and individually for you, and would also dynamically adjust itself with regard to weakening factors like fighting off an infection in it’s onset.

Nature is very good at those things - but getting there would need months of not interfering, and listening to your body’s signals (when it’s time to go to bed). If it was possible, that would be the most healthy thing to do.

But in a world full of alarm clocks, artificial lights, window blinds/shutters, and high caffeine (and other stimulant) intake - and where being on time is a highly regarded value - it’s entirely impossible to develop a natural rhythm, and as a result our body is completely off it’s mark and totally confused - so that we have to actively discipline ourselves to at least halfways healthy sleeping habits.

Over many years of repeated phases of both wanton sleep neglect and overdoing it, I’ve come to the conclusion that around 8 hours is the best dose for me - where I’m most creative, most mentally fit (quickest thinking, and least dumbness), and also most calm and serene.

My record low was 10 hours of sleep for a whole week. It was so bad that I would fall asleep while standing in a driving bus, and have that sudden wake-up convulsion at every turn it made. At the end I sometimes couldn’t read printed text, due to being unable to focus my eyes. I was so wound up that despite my sleep deprivation I couldn’t really sleep in bed without calming myself down with a beer first. I also was unable to think straight, had to stop walking and stabilize my view to see where I’m going, I had shaking hands and tunnel vision. I failed at the simplest every-day tasks. It was really, really bad.

On the other extreme, I had times where I’d sleep 12h+ each day - to the point where I was tired and lethargic all day, because of too much sleep. But you can’t pull that through for long, because you’ll start to simply wake up, being unable to sleep again :wink: (unless you have sex that moment, which I found to be very effective at letting me sleep a short while again)

If you don’t get enough sleep, you are more irritated and short-tempered, and also more hungry (if your body feels strained it wants more calories by default) - and your brain doesn’t work as well/fast.

So… getting a healthy dose of sleep is really good for you :wink:

Self built system, if you want more details just ask.

AMD 8350 4.01 GHz (air cooled by Noctua NH-D14)
ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
16GB 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance RAM low profile
EVGA GeForce GTX 660Ti
Corsair HX750 750Watt PSU
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit OS
NZXT Switch 810 Full Tower ATX Chassis - White Exterior / White Interior
CM Storm Sentinel Advance II mouse
Corsair Vengeance k70 keyboard

Internet speeds of 50Gb/s download, 10Gb/s upload from Comcast
Using Xsplit to stream everything @

Nice system. How many FPS are you getting with your current GPU? I think the GPU of my other PC might be the drawback if i ever want to livestream, not too sure what GPU is required for streaming. Also not too sure what upload speed is ok for streaming, because my DL speed 25gbit/sec but my upload is veryyyyyyyy low :confused:

[email protected] i agree too much sleep makes people dumb and tired, 8-9 hours is perfect. 7 is ok too, anything less than that my eyes are burning all day and i feel hungry D:

What does your system look like spec wise? Also what is your upload speed?

Case: Corsair Carbide Air 540
Mobtherboard: Asus Rampage II Extreme
CPU Intel i7 920 4.0GH
Cooler: Thermalright True Spirit 140 POWER
RAM: Corsair Dominator 3 Channel
HDD: 120 + 500
PSU: Thermaltake
GPU: HD 4870 1GB DDR5

My upload speed is 2mb/sec

After looking at your specs, I would say the no matter what your GPU will hold you back in the streaming department. Also I am not familiar with the 920 but it seems like it will be good. The 2mb upload will be fine for streaming so long as it does not spike high and low often. If you need help setting up the stream let me know.

So you mean that the GPU WILL hold back the streaming process? I didn’t get that part of your post :stuck_out_tongue: My GPU is quite old, i’ve had it since 2009 but it can still run most games in high settings, and that’s why im afraid it could hold back the streaming process, it’s not nearly as fast as other new cards such as r9 270x or gtx 760. As for my CPU i’ve got no complaints, it’s really fast up until today.

And thanks for offering to help me with stream, i appreciate it.

If i set it up and see that the GPU is indeed a problem, i might consider upgrading it. I’ve recently bought my CPU cooler and it was a major upgrade from the stock cooler, i was able to boost my OC for another 500mhz, guess it might be time for a gpu upgrade :mad:

@Pazuzu - Just wanted to also stress about how much CPU power streaming takes. Not just raw GHz but also watts as well. This may come to a surprise but some gamers that try to stream with an OC CPU run into issues because they do not understand what a true stable OC’ed CPU is. This means your system(CPU) can run at near 100% for 24-48 hrs straight without a hiccup.(even then its best to run prime95 two or three times)

Anyway I just wanted to add that little bit of knowledge as some gamers just do not understand why they are having BSOD’s over and over after overclocking their CPU’s. They also forget they there system is going to run hotter, but it seems like you have they covered.

Ah yea now that you made it clear i get your point. I’ve had my OC at 3.5gh stable for around 5 months, the 500mhz increase has been running for around a month without any problems, so i think im good.

My main concern was the GPU. I also know that OC’ed CPU’s run hotter and that’s why the true spirit 140 power comes in handy =DD