Slight hearing impaired and voices in game

I have a small hearing impairment. I don’t hear in stereo and thus, don’t need both sides of headphones. I also don’t hear in stereo without headphones either. Situations where people IRL are trying to talk to me more than one at a time I simply can’t do. I have to politely ask one to stop to let the other finish so I can hear what both are trying to say.

My question is this: When approaching/fighting C’thon’s chosen, I can hear them say “Kill the non-believer!” but I can also hear other statements that they say but they’re all garbled. I cannot make out a single word they say. Could someone help me out on this one, please?

If this is posted in the wrong forum, I apologize. Please move it or let me know and I’ll delete and move it to the proper area.

Thank you for your time in advance to anyone that responds.

would you believe it my name is Aiden :0 !!! and I’m home educated so these tips are very useful.

From what I can remember out of the top of my head, they often say ‘‘Kill the non-believer!’’ as you mention, and also ‘‘Another sacrifice!’’.

I can’t remeber what else they seem to say

Thanks for the response, Krell.