Slow loading tooltips on skill bar please help

When I hover over a skill on my skillbar the tooltip takes over 1 second to popup. This is very very aggravating. When I hover over the skill from my skill menu (S) there is literally no delay at all for the tooltip to popup.

I have tried running the game with and without mods, I’ve tried different UI settings, and nothing is affecting this slow behavior. Any ideas?

I can confirm. But I’ve never noticed this before. And now that I know about it, I still don’t see a problem. I rarely need the tooltips from skill bar.

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It is a problem to me because I frequently like to check my skill bar to see my skill damage and skill descriptions

skill dmg wont be remotely accurately reflected in skill tooltip, so wont be missing much there at least :sweat_smile: - doesn’t even factor in conversion in many cases

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