small rant about trading on hc/items

I ve posted a trade announcement for HC almost 4 days ago offering/wanting 20-30 mythics, nobody contacted me.

I am not trying to play the PoE game in GD.
I understand that alot of ppl play SSF. And prolly the hardcore scene is really small (basically the hc players are streamers also).

But wtf?

I like to play games in very concentrate burst. Like no lifing for a couple of weeks/1month instead of 1-2h/day for 6months/years.

I wish I had a chance to see how my lvl 100s on HC act with full mythics sets


Prolly everbody made new characters with the new classes and havent spent alot of time farming ultimate yet.

It’s a conspiracy. There’s agreement amongst the entirety of the GD community not to trade with you. Don’t take it personally! :smiley:

Sorry no one responded to you though. :cry:

There are tools that will allow you to create items you need, if that’s what you want.