Sneaky rats V 0.7.4

Rat Catchers will wander without work when rats are in their zone of work
I’ve tried placing and moving Rat Catchers around, on and off a hoard of rats but they always idle.

Not a bug, they will only work when a building shows it’s infested with rats.

So the swarm of rats emerging from my 20 dead villagers won’t get ‘cleaned up’ until they go for some food in a building? Guess I didn’t stay long enough to see that. I saved and called it a night shortly after.

Nope, not atm.

This seems like the right thread for this, but there are times when I have a rat infestation without the little bubble popping up.

Lately I have been moving the work zone for my rat catchers around and they’ve been catching rats even though there is no indication that there are rats in the zone. Truly sneaky rats, they’ve figured out a way to hide their presence from the player!

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