Snowden captured by CIA.

Edward Snowden finally captured by the CIA.

God no. Please be a fake article. I … am filled with deep sadness and concern.

Very funny indeed… :D:D:p:p

Great. Now the CIA will read that article and none of us will be safe anymore. Things aren’t going well when our games betray us.

PokémonGo = Big Brother.

According to Agency sources, who wish to remain unnamed, Snowden was lured out in the middle of the night by a Very Rare Pokemon placed just a few hundred feet from where American intelligence agents suspected him to be staying. Earlier this week, communications operations against Snowden had revealed him to be an avid player of the social smartphone game Pokemon Go, which encourages players to physically travel to various locations around them in order to retrieve in-game rewards and battle with Pokemons and other players.

oh man

MFW hahahahahahahah

Pokemons are serious problem ok.

They are taking over the world as we speaks and they are corrupting and controlling the minds of our future generations to become their loyal worshipers.