So about the new sets? How you guys feeling?

Rotgheist, Voidsoul, Dunefiend, Targo, Pyran.

How y’all feelin’ about 'em?
How are they performing in SR and Crucible?

Well, I can say about 3 sets - Pyran’s Ruminations, Targo’s Craft and Voidsoul.
Pyran is the best set from the 5 released but it lacks defence, phys res etc. In other ways it shows itself pretty good except 1 thing: huge boost to RR to shieldbreaker. On sorcerer it feels balanced.
Targo’s craft is … meh. Mallet&armor have a suddenly good synergy with Spellscourge set on Battlemage but: 1) 1H BA still needs significant buffs 2) Targo’s full set shows itself very poor. I know about Superfluff’s warlord but in comparison with Octavius/Markovian Targo is the loser. It lacks OA/DA and some resistances. The performance of Targo on blademaster is pitiful - no survavibility, no good damage.
Voidsoul - not bad set for caster with it’s defences. But: 1) if we increase the cooldown of Aegis/DB, we should increase their damage also, what hasn’t happened yet. Or 2) we decrease cooldown and leave the damage as it is now.
As for Aegis, Voidsoul now loses the Virtue set although having twice as more flat damage on a throw.

Pyran is lopsided in what masteries it favors and its overwhelming all in offensive focus.

Dunefiend is ignorable as a shadow strike set and has DA/HP/energy holes for EoR for the accessible approaches.

Haven’t gotten around to testing the others yet but there’s a 4day weekend coming up.

From what I’ve heard from people who tested those and just from looking at Grimtools only Pyran is good (I would dare to say great). It does need some slight balancing (toned done offense, buff defense a bit), but conceptually it is AWESOME.

Every other new set is honesty just sucky. Lack of Pierce to Acid conversion on Dunefiend is disheartening. Targo is just crap, nobody want to play one-handed BA yet Zantai keeps forcing this kind of gameplay. Funny thing about Targo, one of the builders from Russian discord was testing it in different forms on a Warlord, and most efficient spec turned out to be Blade Arc spam while dual-wielding Targo weapons. So basically second Targo weapon served as an off-hand. Void Soul lacks damage, it’s Flame of Ignaffar part is a complete failure.

I have personally tested Rotgeist on an Archon and all I can say that it’s a mess. Somehow one of the best offensive skills in the game turned into a meme despite double RR from mastery and whatnot. Build is a very slow killer compared to basically every other common vitality spec and survivability is BARELY there. I just hated it tbh.


I can only talk about dunefiend and targo.

Dunefiend doesn’t feel good. It want us to pursue acid/pierce while failing at both. This set support acid more and trying to combine it with pierce will never work. You will never want to focus on piercing damage in a set like this .

  • In the EoR part of the set, while the DPS sheet is so high, the damage is not there. I think it’s because the set convert lighting to pierce while it actually need to convert it to acid.
  • in the shadow strike of this set, it just worse. Shadow strike is weak, it need to convert its damage to 1 type. The dev may still worried it will break things like in the past while that will not be the case anymore. SS is a weak single target skill if you don’t have the damage convert to 1 single type. It also need a lot of proc to support it for AoE.

Targo got some potential. It’s tanky and damage by paper seems good. it has some potential.

  • Blade arc spam DPS sheet is so high, can get to 200k but it’s misleading. Even if I have 190% attack speed, it feels super super slow. I think blade arc is actually not scaled to AS. So the best method is actually to transmute it.
  • ABB part of the set is not worth it. Weak, so weak. It need more damage and radius increase. I actually got the best result by 1 pointing it.
  • I am still trying to solve this targo puzzle in blademaster. The best method is dual wield the mace, transmute blade arc, 1 pointer ABB, and use cadence + execution. I got 400k IT ticks in dummy. The GT looks so good with good res overcap and armor, but it still hard in cruci don’t know why, maybe because the lack of -% RR from both class. I suggest you to give some -20%phys RR to veil of shadow in the completion bonus.
  • haven’t test judgment part of this set so can’t talk.

careful madlee you might upset zantai :laughing:

One of my friends has been working with targo since it came out and he has tried almost everything and has said its just not that great. I know a few people using pyran but the others… i havent seen them being used at all.


Best new set, everybody knows is. Required some nerf on shieldbreaker’s part (additional rr to guardian is insane, i really don’t know that about thinking Z to add this. To make shieldbreaker’s even more op?)


Weird set. DEE part are just not working (7 sec cooldown to DEE, is this a joke?), PS are surprisingly very weak (as mad_lee mentioned)


Ignaffar part are meh due to how ignaffar are work by itself. Doombolt and aegis are pretty good but required a -cd. Also whole set required a chaos rr to guardian (many times mentioned in other thread)


Still don’t test by myself but from people of my discord i hear that Dunefiend need more armor and suffer from lightning converted to Pierce


Same mistake in gamedesign like on notorious spellscourge set: literally no one would play a 1h bladeark, spam - or - non spam version.
Decision: just make a Targo’s hammer 2h

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Pyran - 4 seconds of godmode 10 seconds of prayer

Dunefiend - there are many fiends in my neighborhood but none of them is so confused what they wanna convert their capital to

Targo - should have stayed in the forge

Rotgheist - love the name! what’s it about? transmuted DEE with less cooldown? WHAT? with MORE COOLDOWN??? okay… uh-huh… next?

Voidsoul - no idea but chaos Aegis with no rr and stingy on conversions? sounds like Octavius but nerfed not once but 10 times over


Can you even get 26/22 SS/poison modifier with Dunefiend by literally not picking any trash items that you don’t need? I either end up with 27/26 and 21/22 or 25/26 and 21/22, the 27 is when I randomly pick Deathguard Mantle, which is quite bad for that build anyway.

Add +1/+1 to SS/Nidalla to the set? Yes? No? Fuck USER_NAME_01?

I think it’s more a case of head scratching over why dunefiend is attempting to support acid shadow strike when deathguard pieces were retooled to be even more dominant in that field.

Dunefiend would be cool if rift scourge slicers didn’t exist. If anyone wants to go dig up my old acid MI Hunter on discord, it outperforms Dunefiend by a considerable margin on SS. At least in my testing it does.

Honestly out of everything people are listening this resonates with me the most. Every other gripe is good to mention but seems easy enough to fix over time by buffing the sets/tweaking them as need be.

But the cross identity between these two is a bit strange for me. I guess they’re both meant to be acid shadow strike but for slightly different secondary class choices? Shrug.

Anyhoo, no need to scratch your head guys, over time these sets will be patched into better relevancy.

and as for Dunefiend, the 200% conversion on 2 swords seems odd, nothing more.

It’s to see people’s faces when they try to break the set with Mythical Agony. What happens is you lose 40% total dmg. So, lesson learned: never break sets no matter what!

I don’t like that lesson,will skip it :slight_smile:

Like don’t break Korba set and take other weapons.

People use more than just the hood? hmmm

For Trickster Chest is worth it.Physical resistance,% damage from completion bonus,also serious conversion for Stormcaller pact and Ultos proc flat damage.