So... Couple questions :)!

I just purchased the game and am liking it… but confused about when this game was released because I see posts in the forum from last year… but it shows release as Feb 2016 lol… Is the community pretty good for this game? for example being able to find people to play with?? any tips for a noobie ?..

the game was released a piece at a time over the last year or two or three

every few months they’d add a large new area, new monsters bosses, new classes, new mechanics

its what they call an “early release” on steam

then about 2 or 3 months ago they finally said “ok, that’s it. the game’s done”

and that was the official final release

they’ve continued to release patches and will continue to release new content

in fact, they just released the modding tools yesterday

Community-wise, the forum has generally a friendly-vibe to it.

I have only found one instance where flame wars started and went on for 10 pages over something trivial (e.g. GOG keys issues).

Other players are willing to help you if you post your questions in the right section. I have yet to find a snobbish, sarcastic, mean-spirited response to a bona fide request for help.