So, How much damage does Moosilauke do?

cause I went farming for soulrend and had this motherfucker in my way and his second form managed to shotgun me from 10.8k hp, Possessions 15% damage absorb, 83% cold and 75% lightning resist and effectively kill me in one hit so to speak, and it looked like I ate his sky shard with all projectiles hitting me at once.

so I want to know what the hell kind of damage that does to get through all that to kill me without me being able to do anything about it.

Besides cold, he does loads of physical damage. His overhead double fist smash may destroy even tankier builds.

all Nemesis can blindside even very tough builds- i wouldn’t recommend trying to facetank Moos without an uber shield build, and make sure you’ve got Hoarfrost up for immunity to freeze. That said i find him to be one of the easier nemesis; but they can all still crit very hard to handle with care.

His overhead double bitch slap is probably one of the strongest physical attacks in the game. Even my tanky characters have to look out for it or they take some heavy damage.

He does have some sort of pattern which you can use to avoid the melee attack, but sometimes he can do it twice in a row.

If that’s not what killed you, i can’t honestly say what then. His sky shards don’t deal much damage, at least when you have capped cold and lightning resist.

His triple hit skyshard can potentially 1 shot even very tanky builds, thanks to it’s cold + high phys damage. They generally do a third of my builds hp on hit. Not much of a problem, except if RNG decides to be excessively cruel, that’s 3 shards that can all land in the same spot. Combo that with his overhead smash attack doing some pretty insane damage, Moo is def not a boss you want to facetank. He isn’t all that threatening, but tanking him is rarely a good choice.

After all the undead got a buff in one of the previous patches, I generally do not recommend anyone to be under his overhead smash attack (especially in the second phase, when he casts Shooting Stars (multiple shards of frost)), that strike can very easily kill you with a single blow.

I think it is over 9000!!!

I should mention that it was a dual pistol pyromancer build that had 16/12 BoD/AotG. also it was his sky shards, cause I was well out of melee range, so I definitely wasn’t facetanking moos.

Was Moosilauke buffed alongside the other undead? Because i swear he was.

I still can facetank Valdaran and Benn with my Fire/Physical 2H Commando and i could facetank Moose before during the whole fight, but i just tried fight him and had to back off a few times.

I’m also believe that note “all undead were buffed” means really all, included Alcamos & Moose

Moosilauke was not buffed.

Then either Moose was having an off day or my Commando was having an off day.

Might want to consider dialing back the damage on his sky shards a bit at least, that came as a shock when I got nailed with all of them and killed instantly from full hp.