So I met Callagadra (minor spoilers)

Some dude named “ZaKa RuNe” commented on my youtube video posted above: “Nothing to brag about, MP with healer alt + there is a good chance both toons are hacked so.”

It must have occurred to him that the point of the video was not to brag but to show how much easier multiplayer is than singleplayer.

You can delete your comment ZaKa but youtube lets me see everything. Now the whole world knows you take the piss out of people’s fun. :smiley:

Um… ok? :eek:

Healer Alt? really?

Kinda hate to sound like I’m bragging but the other guy in the video there is me, using my friends build (See Here: )

to buff doom to high hell and make that boss easy as piss

I am clearly not an alt or robot

That is what a robot would say.

Pettiness is the spice of life :). And yeah I think if people who play with only one friend have the patience, a support build can supercharge your pal. It’s a good time.

I summoned him. Fucker wiped my 80% all res pets in 2 seconds. I give up :mad:

Can you link your build?

Also, by the power vested in me by absolutely no one, I hereby rename Callagarda to Cally.

Im cabalist and my skeletons gets vaporised :mad: haven’t tried on conjurer but prob an easier time.

Drops ravagers dreadgaze!?


Yeah, skeletons getting vaporized sounds about right given Cally’s stats from GT database.

Also, seems Ravager has become everyone chew toy now. First Moggy pawned him and now Cally even took his loot.

Btw, is this the only superboss in FG?

I remember reading somewhere that there were going to be 2.

You heard correct. The other one is harder to find.

I am guessing it is the boss of the secret quest?

Not the crate-head guy I hope, but given the clones of bourbon…

EDIT: or is it this thing?

Yep there’s another super Boss… There a secret door that i cannot open in the remnants of korvan city and the Sarlak pit that we can enter… So something else is hidding

Anyone who knows what the thing is want to provide spoilers? :stuck_out_tongue:

GT’s DB has no info on it.

I just got brutally rekted in 2 shots by dat thing. Last time i tried mogdrogen avatar at least i lasted 1min xd. Definitely a super boss since it’s a celestial just like ravager and mogdrogen.

My fight went really smooth. Then I got hit.

Caster and pet build are viable to kill him without a sweat.
But pure melee might get gutted in a blink by his aoe shotgun crawling projectiles.

Just managed to beat this guy as a physical retaliation warlord, lots of running around, took a bit under 10 minutes so not too bad, the helmet is only going to make my guy stronger :smiley:

Without a sweat? Excuse me?
I killed him on normal with my Conjurer by running around and resummoning pets because they die in seconds. Took about 5 minutes and wasn’t much fun…

Not due to Callagadra, he could not damage them that much, nor me… but those damn sandstorms (the big ones, not the small ones) that race around him are ridiculously bugged. They bring down health if you stay in them to zero in miliseconds. And it is hard not to stay in them since there are like 3 whirling around and they seek you and your pets out. I am wondering if this is as intended, because I found other whirlwinds in the desert and they did not do this much damage. Despite my and my pet’s resistances being basically maxed. I dunno what sort of damage those do, maybe % life? I assume it is like, 50% of life (halving your max life every second) or something…
The rare few seconds I managed to get Callagadra away from the sandstorms, my pets stood their ground well against attacks…

Yeah, he did that to mine too. I figured out eventually it is not him and his claws swipes, magma-jump or even his (I guess physical?) stone breath that does that, but the bloody giant whirlwinds he summons. Now of course it is hard to keep your pets away from those AND run away from him at the same time, but I found running around the cliff in the middle does help, as the whirlwinds have to go around that too and are slower than your pets. The problem is Callagadra is slow too, so you need to make him jump to catch up, and then you can let your pets hit him for a bit before continuing to run before the whirlwinds reach you.
Of course this was on Veteran - I dunno how it would go on higher difficulties.