So I met Callagadra (minor spoilers)

So I met Callagadra. Pretty easy to find actually. There’s an altar in the Korvaan Sands that can be activated by giving a Ceslestial presence.

I chose my Spellbinder with MoT and MoE, you just never know. And how a mitigated feeling it is to die unexpectedly. it’s been a long time since I died in Campaign (not counting the hundred times against Lokarr testing build ideas).

I got completely rekt. It has the Nemesis color but I wonder if this is rather a boss like Ravager/Mogdrogen. Did you encounter it already ? Any idea what the damage type is on the sand color breath ?

Bonus question - secret area : right east from Callagadra’s location, there’ a secret area with an intriguing desert wormhole, like the one in the famous scene on Jabba’s death in Star wars. Any idea ?

Haven’t played yet (it’s 6am here and i just woke up. Won’t be able to play until I get home from work), but Callagadra looks like a superboss based on the items we see from GT. Nemeses usually drop greens and based on what you’re saying that it dumpstered a fully decked out binder of all things, yeah it’s most likely a superboss.

It is a superboss in the same vein of Ravager and Mogdrogen.

Hey, could you tell me how to exactly summon her? I’ve finished whole DLC and didn’t obtain item to active this altar. “Celestial presence” which you mentioned in post doesn’t exist in database.

Where and how can i get necessary item for summon? Thanks in advance.

It’s an orange chest with multiple spawn locations throughout the entirety of FG that spawns in one of them every session. It’s called Korvan Secrets.

i summoned this thing and i have no idea how to even put dents in it. i can survive fine enough running around, but it seems damn near invincible…

I was thinking it had something to do with the tornadoes but so far no luck…

Average kills will probably be ~25 minutes.

My builds that excel at Callagadra are closer to 10.

She’s a fun gal.

@voidex, essence, not presence.

So, I’ll have to wait for my Fire Retal’ Sentinel and try with my kiting Caster.

Mistakes were just made…Got instagibbed, had no idea that the beastie would summon…need to kite away to continue exploring…lol

Fast update: Had to reload from the portal in Osyr…instagibbed by tornadoes as soon as I tried porting back…3…times…

I summoned Callagadra with a woefully under-prepared character. Mistake…
Wore it down to around half HP after something like half an hour, then got snagged on something and died.

Look around that area carefully and you may find a breakable container, which holds a helmet that looks suspiciously similar to the one worn by a certain bounty hunter

Dead superboss

I tried to make the near-by NPC tank her, they died in 15 seconds; I didn’t think of trying to kite it to the city. That’s a long walk!

I just can’t find that damn area! Can someone point it on map?

Just saw what the thing looks like.

My list of monsters I want as pets grows…

(But no, we get a cat as our most powerful pet :()

Got it to around half it’s health with my Cadence Witchblade. Really tough fight. Still trying to find the balance between tank and hit and run tactics.
Maybe I need to use the Menhir’s Bastion relic instead of doom for this one.

I was also confused by the instructions.

It’s east of the Korvan sands rift, not east of the boss’s location. I got lucky when observing the map in confusion that I noticed the tiny path over here.

I don’t know how to hide an image in a spoiler tag, so here’s the link to it instead: 2 min kill. Some changes were made to the boss since then… more nados, but less powerful enrage buff. Could reproduce this with same characters no prob.

And people think multiplayer is not extraordinarily easy…

Hey, it took 2 mins man. 2 Whole minutes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Found it! Thank you.

haha good times