So lucky I discovered this

It was just a regular day browsing youtube videos, watching pandas sneeze and staring at kripparians PoE stream when I stumbled across a youtube video with just 1 comment saying he was looking forward to “Grim Dawn”, and the story continues from there people.

how did you people stumble across this game? Maybe you have been eagerly following the forums or did you just stumble across it like I did? Never the less I am soon going to pay the $85 to support the devs and hope that an amazing game comes out on release.

I don’t really remember when I came across Grim Dawn.

Probably checking out some youtube videos while waiting for Diablo 3 and saw the weather video from Grim Dawn which I thought was pretty cool.

Heard about this game on the D3 forums before it was released. I forgot about it because I was absorbed in D3’s release. Well that didn’t end so well but then I read a gamespy article about games to look out for and here I am. Really excited for this one!

I was drudging through the Diablo 3 forums as people systematically ruined my product perception and followed a random link. Ended up at the kickstarter page and rose from the ashes of Diablo 3 to a new and bloodier future.

I was playing Titan Quest, the game that Grim Dawn is a spiritual successor to. The TQ Defiler, a mod interface program (as I saw it at least), had Grim Dawn advertised as a spiritual successor to TQ. I ignored the message for quite a while, until I had nothing to do a few days/weeks later, then I finally decided to check it out. Never looked back since! :smiley:

I think i found Grim Dawn the same way as Younghappy, but i can’t remember clearly. I do remember the little note about Grim Dawn though and as I was bored at the time went to go have a look.

TQ mod defiler is how I found this game, and I think that contributed to quite a few people here

Yeah, that’s the exact way I found it, I can only imagine what would have happened if I had ignored the message - I might’ve missed the KS for one! :eek::smiley:

1 more for TQ Defiler :wink: I never get to TQ forums, so I never missed the discussions there about GD. But still playing TQ/IT and with the little note from Soulseeker, I came here.

Either via TQ forums or googling some Titan Quest stuff, not sure now…

I just remember the surprise moment when my jaw dropped seeing those first screenies, haha. =)

I think i found out searching Google for alternative arpg games while i was waiting to get an invite for D3 closed beta back then, or something like that. I decided to back it up immediatly.

It was in a forum, don’t remember which one, but it was only a week after GD has been announced.

I saw someone mention it in the Titan Quest forums and been here ever since.