So the Shrine in SoT (Ult)

Just ridiculously OP and this is on my Warder

Edit: I meant to type SOT or Steps of Torment, couldn’t figure out how to edit the thread title

oh ok


Thx for the enlightening reply

TOR? What’s TOR? Can’t remember any place in the game that starts with those letters.

I assume he means the Edge of Reality/Sanctum of the Immortal shrine. Could be wrong though.

Apologies guys I meant Steps of Torment or SOT. I tried to edit my post but couldn’t figure out how to edit the title…

Ohh. I read it used to be much harder some time ago and they nerfed it. Pretty much the only tip i can give is to lure the heroes away from the trash mobs and fight the heroes alone.

I also swear some of the heroes that spawn from shrines are just regular heroes but with different names. In my current Veteran run with my Spellbreaker one of the shrines spawned a skeletal knight hero that behaves nearly the same as Kilrian. The only difference being that he doesn’t use the life reduction projectile.

cant edit titles only your comments, need to contact mods or devs to change the titles

Thx for the reply. Guess what? They built it back up again with this patch. I have 4 level 85s all of who’ve done it. It was a good fight but certainly doable with them. My Warder has almost 13k HP @ level 76 with 23k DPS. I died like 6 times getting through there.

PM a mod next time :wink:

Ah Thanks! Love this community…First I’ll try to make sure I get the title right next time :rolleyes: Didn’t know I couldn’t fix it myself

I gave your quality post the same quality reply. Write better posts and you’ll get better replies.

What exactly is so OP about it? Been waiting for it to be buffed back up. Here’s hoping it’s as strong as it was in the past…I’ve been skipping it on all my chars with hopes they make it more challenging so I can splurge on it.

Ah well prolly you more experienced guys won’t have trouble with it but I found the damage pretty overwhelming. I wasn’t pulling real smart either but then I didn’t think I had to. I would def call it the toughest fight I’ve had on this char. Bear in mind he’s @ 76

Video of the old fight, for reference:

Ha Ha! Great Vid Thx! Lotsa fun and some very useful tips, again thank you very much. I can unequivocally say the new fight is absolutely nothing like your video LOL! What a battle!

This patch makes it better than it was but then I don’t know how it plays @ 85. I’ve been doing this one as I level to get the shrine point. Maybe I should be waiting?