So, uh... where's Ulgrim?

Just finished the expansion with a new character, and I don’t see him around anymore. Did he get swallowed up by something again?

He remains near the entrance to fleshworks.

Why doesn’t he return to Creed’s side?
They could’ve left some extra NPCs to defend the entrance and brought back Ulgrim to Steelclap base. Hope they consider fixing it

Huh. That’s weird; I thought he’d show up in the final boss room again. I guess he doesn’t want a holiday in the aetherial equivalent of the Void.

Yeah, I went around to all the towns looking for him. :undecided:

He’s probably too damn tired to make it back to HQ! I bet if we could bring him a sandwich it’d put the pep right back in his step.

He’s out there eternally farming for loot, just like the rest of us. NPCs need Mythicals too, y’know. :cool:

I am kinda sad he wasn’t swallowed this time… an ingested Ulgrim would have guaranteed us another expansion:cry:

For some reason i read that as “I am sad that he didn’t swallow this time”


Best mod ever :smiley:

Some hope camping for trash. Slacker should come on the boss run :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be a great running gag. Every time there’s a new expansion, Ulgrim gets eaten by something else, and we have to keep saving him.

“Dude, again? How about next time there’s a swirling portal of doom, you try walking away from it?”
“Can we please just get out of here, Mommy?”
“For the fifth time, I’m not your… [sigh] Okay, honey, sure. Let’s try this ominous walkway full of bone spikes and purple lightning.”
“It’s more ominous than the last one.”
“Yeah, but we’re level 150 now.”

Finally the poor guy ascends or whatever, and his constellation is a much-chewed lump of gristle. Name: The Indigestible

Since Creed’s suspicions I love to think that he’s the living manifestation of Unknown Soldier. :slight_smile:

Now I want that

Nah, he’s a known legend; even the witches recognize the name. The Unknown Soldier is a symbol of casualties generally, not any particular person; check the constellation text.

So… the Bridgeburners from the Malazan Book of the Fallen?

Omg, spoiler alert.

I had read the text. Doesn’t mean that this symbol can’t have some sort of personification that goes by many names.

He’s there for a reason…it’s not random.

My bet: He is the true enemy and it will be showed in next xpac.

Yes, nefarious Ulgrim had overseen the growth of Empire and human civilization for ages, while aetherials are the nexus of warmth than kindly wishes humanity to return into the blissful state of non-existance

gdx2 confirmed? :smiley:

“That was my TRUE plan all along!” is such a lame Blizzardesque excuse for storytelling. I doubt Crate will go down that awful path.