So what are the new class combos good in

Are there any particular skills that really synergize, any combos that might replace ones you might’ve gone with previously for some roles? Apologies if this has been asked already, or if conversely, it’s too early to say

There is a theorycrafting thread where this question has been discussed. You probably get the answer to your question from there. In addition there is also a build collection with the builds of that thread.

That gonna be largely predictions or would there have been some experimenting etc. Would it account for the recent balance changes? Also I’m not very familiar with how these forums are organized, wouldja mind giving a link if ya have it? If not a point to which section to look would also be appreciated. Thanks for the help.

Dervish is one of the strongest melee classes now comparable to infiltrator of old.

But it’s kinda early to say for most except the Preatorians and the most devoted GDStashing veterans. It’s a whole new mastery to explore and loads of new gear. But I can say that oathkeeper seems to be the new inquisitor - jack of all trades with just about everything that’s needed to make a great build plus some things that are exclusive only to him.

I have played oathkeeper with every combo to level 100. (I’m a playtester).

They’re all good. Dunno if OK is over tuned or just super well designed :stuck_out_tongue:

But I have a build for every combo that I like.

I guess kinda stuff I’m wondering which combos would be the best for stuff like, melee (though you already said) fire, or offensive health drain/regen, or maximizing the spin attack. What might be good for a newer player/ better for a really experience one. Or moreso what’s a dervish bring to the table vs saboteur or blademaster. I should also prob just look more (beyond the site mastery description) into what each of the individual existing masteries really excels in to have an easier time having an idea of what they’d look like together.