So what else is there to do?

Hello everyone,

like you I’ve fallen in love with this game and it has been great… but I am now at a point where I just can’t find anything to do in the game. I farm nemesis at ultimate without problems, I have a full set for my class (markovian’s) and even a green axe that has tyrant’s and of alacrity.

The game is just too easy. Where are the harder difficulties like in diablo? the paragon levels? I find the end game…rather lacking at the moment.

What are you all doing?


Starting new characters for me buddy. Half way through my 3rd and already planning my 4th. Plenty of class combinations, abilities, devotion procs, items to build around etc. If I see something that catches my eye , I start planning a build/character for it on a whim.

do a foursome with your friends… buy them copies first and stay safe… if you are a risk taker … do a hardcore play

GD doesn’t bend to the MMO-ish nature of modern online games. By design it isn’t supposed to be played with a single character to infinity.

The good news is, A5 is coming soon, and it will bring more new content and new challenges, eventually new gear.
What after it, when it get old and character power begin to prevail the content difficulty? Probably make a new build, or try Crucible - it’s a kind of substitute of an endless dungeon.

I don’t see what that has to do with Grim Dawn.

Personally, I have been getting into making alts with the spare legendary sets I have; for me at least, the trick is to nearly skip normal with powerleveling from crucible (spend all your points on devotions), then blast through it at lv~50. It’s way more palatable to replay the game when you have the majority of your build built imo. There’s also SoT/BoC and a new aetherial dungeon in the same vein coming out in december, so there’s that.

I do agree to a point that this game could definitely stand some kind of “end game” content to provide a replayable challenge that isn’t just a mob grinder like crucible.

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They are in Diablo 3.

Start a different build. I find the whole ‘endgame’ concept awful, D3 as well as MMOs. There is nothing worse than an endless grind, I am glad GD does not have that.

Fully agreed. It allows you to try new builds without feeling like you left the previous character unfinished.

And what is “make new characters and gear them up” if not a (potentially) endless grind? Instead of “Kill A to get gear to kill B to get gear to kill C” you heave “kill things to get gear for character A, then kill the same things to get gear for character B, then kill the same things to get gear for character C” which is even more boring IMO.

I’d much rather have endgame content than endless alts. If you like endless alts then have at it, but right now I’d stab a man to have a tier 2. Maybe that’ll be something they could put in the xpac.

Playing with new characters is much better than endless grind with the same character. With new characters you can try new skill combinations, that varies the gameplay and it doesn’t become monotonous very fast. Playing with the same character through endless grind is god awful because you are playing the same way over and over, it gets monotonous really fast.

So yes, i’m glad Grim Dawn encourages you to play with other class combinations instead of playing with the same one over and over. Grim Dawn is single player ARPG, not a goddamn MMORPG like Diablo 3 so desperately tried to be (and failed horribly).

While i do agree with some users that posted here about the lack of appeal of a MMOesque time sink i wouldn’t say no to an alternative to crucible.

Could be a random dungeon (better if on more floors) filled with heroes, a final boss and mini bosses or random maps like POE or something completely different/new.

Step1: Buy arpg.

Step2: Beat the game once.

Step 3: Start whining about the grind and the missing “endgame” (whatever that is supposed to be).

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You can also get into modding, Don’t want to wait for new content? Make your own! Don’t take much effort to learn and is really fun once you know your way around it.

This - end game can be easily modded in with a bit of effort.

As a few mentioned already, I aswell try new mastery combos.
I have my main HC character that I collect loot with, and try making build around those interesting legendaries or epics. - Have a vampire build planned around Crimson sword already. ^^

Congratulations, you’ve maxxed out your character! Either continue to farm nemeses and bosses or start a new character: there’s a lot of different build types you can play as and experimenting with new builds is fun.

the fact that it is an all new build. Instead of playing the same old build for another 100 hours, you create two entirely new ones in the same amount of time

I’d much rather have endgame content than endless alts. If you like endless alts then have at it, but right now I’d stab a man to have a tier 2.

ugh, I have a hard time thinking of anything more boring and pointless to add