So What's the deal with Anasteria & Valaxteria?

Getting these two in wave 137 is such a joy with shitty mutators. Sorry for the outburst but I don’t like things that piss me off… This should be fixed…

2 Aether souls trivialize them.

Valaxteria is objectively easier than anasteria in crucible.

Anasteria stacks rr up to 70. just go away a bit when you feel you are getting burst hard and let the RR icon in the lower right corner expire (looks like a broken breastplate)

There’s nothing to fix. It’s supposed to be difficult. Wait until you get double x or y or even triple x or y.

Thanks I have many times had double and triple x and y. I find it personally insulting to die to shit falling on my head. I’ll never understand why devs put that in a game.

This, i think i have found my first forum signature. This was really funny:D

to answer your dev question. What mobs can do to you, you can do to the mobs. You can make shit fall on their head too.

Difference is you can dodge and they can’t :slight_smile:

Well, you can blame Barmanu in Titan Quest Immortal Throne for that. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve died to his meteors coming out of the sky when he’s not even onscreen. :smiley: At least Typhon telegraphs when his are coming.


He tries to stun you first to make matters worse.

Typhon as a lamb in the end. But my first ever encounter with him when I was total noob was brutal

Yeah, but he can’t do that unless you’re in range. The meteors have a much longer range so come out of nowhere because you can’t see him, but he obviously sees you. :eek:

Wow! Immortalized by the great Superfluff, I am honoured! :smiley:

:rolleyes: Don’t stand still? E.g. Alek has a regular interval that you can literally count down to before their next rock falls from the sky.

Wave 161 casually taking out trash, meteor falls on your head and you die, stare at my screen confused for a few seconds. Alek is off screen somewhere I guess, happened to me more times than I’d like to admit.

If you play cruc of the dead or sands stand under a ledge for aleks,

Kill the heal mobin the upper right corner always

Gosh folks it’s not Alek I’m talking about here…

Blame it on forum wanderitus. :smiley:

No, but he is used as an example of tells, sequences and behaviour. Each enemy has these and they can be learnt.

Hah yea this doesn’t really happen to me anymore just from when I first started doing 150-170, I usually just run straight to him and kill him now at the wave start.

Great, thanks, now I’m stuck picturing the TQ Neanderthal version of Romper Room. I’m guessing the focus would have been a little different.

(Pardon the digression. Carry on.)