So you cant start Ultimate with a Level 1 Character

Find the shrines and activate them. Ultimate provides enough shrines that all can be done there.

I’m up to 55 and only get 10 so far, 1 point per restored shrine, so how to get all 55 in ultimate only?

A number of them are hidden/in side areas. Make sure you explore all the nooks and crannies Cairn has and you’ll get them!

Crate added MORE than 55 Shrines in ultimate mode… You can get all 55 devotion points in Ultimate.

They ALSO increased the rep you gain from mandates and writs from faction vendors from base game + ashes of malmouth by 50%…so it’s now 100/150 instead of 50/100. You can buy Mandates and share them with new chars by putting them in a transfer stash… and then going to crucible with lvl 1 char and using them… you can use them even if you haven’t unlocked the faction with new char and it will still give you the bonus up the minute you do. I use to damn near max out factions with 1 playthrough on normal using these mandates at 100%…150% would DEFINITELY max it out with 1 play through.

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Or, if you want to easy the challenge, you can go back to lower difficulties and unlock devotion points there quickly, thanks to theu unlocked portals. This way starting ultimate at low level will not be so hard and long (going “naked” can require a lot of time for killing enemies with shit dps and kiting to not get rekt).

I am happy with the game being hard. But farming reputation is not a challenge. It is a routine.

Thanks for all the replies, I decided back to Normal and Elite to get devotion points. For Ultimate only challenge I think its a time killer and tag game festival, IMO quite boring when you have to kite all the time. Also unlock ruined shrines in Ultimate quite costly.