So you cant start Ultimate with a Level 1 Character

So, its a lie. You cant get to your stash until you kill the Reanimator to unlock the gate…which by then your level 4.

Crucibles stash.

on what point of FG you get acess to the tokens? whch npc provides it?

Vendor in the first place you spawn.

I have three, because HE had three.

Then I went into the Crashible to level up a new OK to 10 dev points, then started the campaign again, because I want to try a Demo/OK combo.

To start at level one you need to create a character, then load into crucible. Go to stash and grab token. Log out. Log into Into main campaign. Use token then log out. Switch to ultimate and log in.

Can someone share a stash with a token pls? Didnt play for a long time, dont have old saves. Dont have the desire to go three difficulties again. Thx in advance.

You can start Ultimate with a level 1 character. The problem is that you still need to run through the shrines and unlock factions on normal.

no you don’t why you lying to people. you can get all 55 devotion points in ultimate. And factions are available on all difficulties.

Here you go

These shrines require rare resources. And if you start Ultimate without celestial powers and factions unlocked, you won’t reach enough powers’ level and reputation without dedicated grinding.
Still, not all the factions can be unlocked without running through main quests.

couldn’t you use the resources one of your other chars already had ? I mean the same is true for gear, if you want to play self-found, starting at Ultimate is maybe not such a great idea or will at least require some grinding.

You have to reach Ultimate first with one character to even allow others characters to skip to Ultimate. The shrine requirements are done with this in mind.

And if you don’t have any of the requirements after playing two whole difficulties, then that’s your problem. And of course you have to unlock factions, this would happen anyway if the difficulties were reduced to one.

Well noticed. I would say, the Ultimate shrine unlock costs are most frustrating if:

  1. playing self-found;
  2. playing Hardcore;
  3. you spent resources with previous chars;
  4. you are greedy. Here I would also notice that unlocking an Ultimate shrine with a low-level char also means losing late game loot because they have a high drop chance for legendaries.

As for the reputation, I suppose it is just impossible to reach the max level within one difficulty - especially with the latest factions. Therefore, you will need to return to normal and elite to accomplish quests which will be extremely boring. Or grinding-grinding-grinding, and Crucible won’t help you. Not sure about the rifts.

As for the celestial power level… well, you have already accomplished the Ultimate quests and have to live with it.

Therefore, I would suggest 3 things:

  1. make shrine unlock requirements depend on how many times this particular shrine was unlocked on other difficulties instead of the current difficulty;
  2. unlock all the factions upon using the trinket;
  3. gain X levels of the celestial power depending on your current level when you unlock this power.

All of those are player problems, not the devs. Spent too much resources? Well, that’s your problem.

You can’t make merits unlock factions because several are tied behind choices. Kymon’s Chosen, Death’s Vigil, Outcast and Barrowholm are all tied behind a choice.

Rep grinding is the price for a single playthrough in this game. You still can do an Ultimate only run, no matter how much you want to twist it to make it not so.

Yeah. I find it annoying as well having to use the shared stash, farm or craft. I’d rather that all shrines were simply hero battles.

So they added 55 devotion shrines in Ultimate? Or is there another way of getting devotion points, that I am unaware of?

You can get all devotion points in Ultimate now.


What is the problem? Respective factions would get negative reputation upon making these choices and their infrastructure would be inactive until the choices are made (that’s how it works at the moment).

I see and I don’t want to pay this price. Increased difficulty is a price (while being a reward as well) itself.

Random noob question, after using the token, how to get all the devotion points?:confused:

Still doesn’t rule out the fact that you are by no means “forced” or required to play thru Normal if you don’t want to. Choosing to start on Ultimate is a deliberate (and personal) choice in which you accept the fact that everything is going to be harder. If you find you can’t cope personally with those consequences then there is always Elite or Normal.