SOC's Destruction skill is worth for vitality/chaos caster?

worth 12 points or not? i have cof attached to eldritch fire while supporting it with devouring swarm. i have +1150% bonus vitality and +900% chaos in elite in 63 level. i seem to progress fine since i have 50 devotion points that are distributed good. So end game will Soc’s destruction worth 12 points? (i plan to have also doom bolt)

With that much %chaos yes its worth it, but really depends on rest of your build

Yes, because SoC damage-to-health mechanism is based off the total damage the SoC does each tick, so if you can spare some points to get it 12/12 you’ll get increased health.

Though not as much as Wendigo Totem, which is stupidly good and healing.

Thanks for answers. I think i will need SOC damage while kiting bosses. With eldritch fire, their fire and chaos resistance decrease so destruction will hit hard.