Solael's Witchfire Question

So I’m working on an Chaos converted Arcanist / Occultist.

Primary attack skills are:
Aether Ray (chaos converted)
Sigil of consumption

I noticed that when I flip Solael’s witchfire on, it increases the damage of the sigil (X% vitality), but the +XX chaos damage does not seem to apply to the aether ray. Based on my understanding of conversion, it seems like it should unless the bonus damage from Solael’s only affects weapon attacks?

I haven’t moved far enough in the occultist mastery yet to see if the + vitality damage on Second Rite will buff sigil or whether the +% chaos damage will affect Aether ray.

Should I expect Solael’s and second rite to affect the Aether Ray and Sigil in those ways? Or am I missing something about how conversion works?

Flat damage values of any kind only apply to either weapon attack or anything with % weapon damage on it be it auto attack skill, or skills like Ring of steel and Calidor’s tempest that have % weapon damage, procs like markovian’s, zolhan’s or the ones from nightblade, procs with % weapon damage on your weapons, devotions with %weapon damage etc.

Posession is best for your build as it gives %chaos damage in good amounts. The flat chaos damage it has only works with % weapon damage of course.

Okay that makes sense. Possession is definitely what I’m working toward. Main thought behind the question was if it makes sense to remove my points in the Solael’s line entirely and use them elsewhere in the build, as having 2 masteries at 50 points causes me some point shortages for skills that look useful. If I can give up these points in Solael (and it sounds like it probably makes sense to do that), then I can put them into a utility ability to increase survival.

Right now the build is murder facing everything in act 2 veteran normal, but no idea how it’ll hold up in Elite and Ultimate (or even act 4 with all those chaos resistant dudes)

For reference, here’s the build I was looking at.

So, Solael’s Witchfire affect, f.e., Sigil of Consumption with Destruction only by +% Vit damage but flat Chaos damage is not added to anything?

As mentionned above, flat chaos damage is not added to Sigil of Consumption+Destruction because this skill doesn’t have/deal any “%weapon damage”.

Thanks. So, most “caster abilities” don’t have the bonuses i previously thought they had. I understand, flat damage is supposed to bust melee or ranged chars who use weapons and flat damage bonuses can affect Constellations abilities indirectly through % weapon damage but for casters it’s just mediocre bonuses.
And pure caters isn’t that powerful right now to begin with.

What i would do

Blood of dreeg 16/16 with + skills. You get heal on demand and regen. Must have with any Occult build

Aspect of the guardian keep at 12/12 with + skills. Phys resist is huge end game. Also covers poison resist which is a pain to get for anything non occult.

Inner focus another must have. %OA is huge and important for any build. The % Spirit also helps a lot. 12/12 with + skills.

Arcane will is not worth it leave it at 1 point and let + skills do the rest.

Nullification 1 point. Very good to disrupt buffs on nasty enemies or curses on yourself.

Desintegration 12/12 with + skills. It has diminishing returns after that

Mental alacrity 12/12 with + skills. Diminishing returns after that.

Iskandra for mana regen let + skills do ther rest

Elemntal Balance for more Crit. Let + skills do the rest, not above 12 because, again, diminishing returns.

Took out solael withchfire because it’s useless mana consumption.

Sigil is fine at 12/12 with + skills.

Link to changes I made

When those come from BUFFs:+XX damage only BUFF the weapon.