Soldier - cadence vs forcewave

which one skill is better? and with what kind of weapens? :rolleyes:

My initial impulse to any “which is better” question is always “it depends on what you’re looking for”, but in this particular case I can’t say that forcewave is the best choice for any desired scenario.

The important thing to know about forcewave is that it scales with casting speed, not attack speed. But most soldier gear has attack speed, so you’d need to be built around a primarily spellcasting mode. I suppose you could try to work it into a Battlemage build where you use Devastation on cooldown and spam Forcewave in between, but that build would probably be much better off spamming Callidor instead. And not being a Battlemage.

In other words it doesn’t really fit well into any build.

A much better question is which of Cadence and Blade Arc is better, and the answer there is, “it depends” :wink:

This reflects my feelings on the situation as well. I really want to try and force a forcewave build to work some day but every time I try I get to around 35/40 and just give up because it feels to bad to play.

The real kick to the nutters is it doesn’t even feel good if you level it as a CD skill. I’d rather max out blitz and its third skill for a CD AoE skill. Maybe FW is better on a shield build, but my cadence witchblade doesn’t need any help in that regard…

The other issue with Forcewave is at high levels its a quick ticket to killing yourself.

It does an enormous amount of Internal Trauma per hit - when skilled enough to be useful - and if you don’t have godly physical resistance 1 FW against a reflect mob or a mage with Mirror up will get you dead faster than you can say “Loxmere Nightmage”.

Blade Arc is bad enough, FW is suicide right now.

It doesnt matter much, which skill is better, because you’ll have to use Cadence anyway :).

A better comparision would be Blade Arc with Forcewave, just saying.

I’m using cadence. It seems fine to me. I just want to hear others opinion.
So what about other skills - which one will be good to be assocciated with cadence?

I just finished maxing out Blitz’s first and last nodes and it does some pretty silly aoe damage, good for clearing trash as you dart around looking for heroes. And if a hero takes you 20-30 seconds to kill it does respectable damage on CD.

Then of course there is Oleron for these types of skills…now that I think about it there doesn’t seem to be much in soldier worth its salt outside of cadence and blitz. I used Blade Arc to level an alt to 40 and was sick and tired of it by then…

Isn’t Forcewave better if you want to kill yourself on reflect mobs with internal trauma damage?

Your kink is ok.