Soldier gold cost not correct after soldier deaths

Say I have 6 light infantry prior to a raid - this will cost 30 gold per month. Two soldiers die in the raid. I would then expect my gold expenditure to be 20 gold per month until I recruit more soldiers. This is not the case. Often it is less than 20 gold per month after the two soldiers have died and been removed from the barracks listing. I have searched for such a bug often on the forum but have yet to see one (may have missed it) - this has been plaguing me for many games. I can reset to the correct amount of gold per month as indicated by the barracks with a save and reload.

At what point in the events above would you like files from to assist (if any)?

This should be a snip of post combat, with 7 soldiers costing 15 gold per month. This is typical and while I don’t mind the extra gold, it makes pinning down exactly how much surplus I have an issue. This was taken a full three months after combat ended (soldiers died and banner declaring a current raid is gone)

I think there is something fishy with income/tax calculations. Quite often my income changes just because of: RELOADING the game!