Soldier Life leech

I am new to the game and I feel like I am relying way too much on potions in the game. Cna anyone help me figure out this toon? I am a level 32 soldier shaman who is soldier heavy on skills. CUrrently using a one hander and a shield but cna dual wield or go two hander if needed.

hey brutal you should invest some points into the wendigo totem in the shaman tree, its in my opinion the best sustain skill out of all the classes

If you have question like this, post your grimcalc and also picture of your character so we can see your HP, resistances etc.

So I did this and it worked quite well. Is there something similar for spirit?

Wendigo works based oh max hp, its 5% max hp + 500 flat at lv12 i think, blood pact has a chance to lifesteal which is not that good

For melee characters, I love to either invest in a constellation that gives me ADtH or Haunted Steel in my weapon slot.

A while back someone posted a build they had with grasping vines.

Take a look at it, it might be what you are looking for.

Thanks, yes that helps