Soldier + Oathkeeper


I found a nice beginner build on youtube with the above combination.
i have started as soldier and playing a forcewave build. i have hit level 40 and wanted to maybe choose my second class but now i realise that i dont have the option for choosing oathkeeper
Am i playing an old build that dont work anymore or can anyone maybe link a updated forcewave build?

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Yes, you do. Every time you level up you can choose the Oathkeeper if you want to. There should be a Select Class tab appear on the right of the Soldier one when you go there like this.

Click on that and then choose Oathkeeper. L10 is just the first opportunity you have to choose a second class, it’s not your only one.

Hi i have posted a screenshot, you can see there is no oathkeeper option

Sorry guys i have located the problem, i need to update to ashes of malmouth

Actually you need both Ashes and the Forgotten Gods expansion since Oathkeeper is the mastery that comes with FG. You need both because FG needs AoM to run.

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You probably lack FG expansion…

If you want you can pick either Occultist or Necromancer as support class.