Soldier only Devotion advice sought

Looking for someone to point me at the Devotion setup from some other build or suggest one of their own, given the following constraints.

  • Only Soldier mastery
  • HC
  • Self-found
  • 2H Melee weapon, no shield
  • Build is just Cadence and defense from Soldier, not depending on any item skills though my mules are reasonably well stocked. If anyone has thought through a build in this vein, I’m happy to take a look.

Only real goal is to get to level cap. No desire to farm with this or defeat the end game bosses. Just wanted a simple build that used some of the 2-handers I’ve muled. I’m sure I could muddle through on my own, but usually I look at existing builds and modify them. Single-mastery builds are uncommon, for obvious reasons.

Thanks in advance for any constructive advice. At some point I’ll be doing the same thing for the other masteries, so ideas on those are welcome as well.

Thats what I’ll do if i were you. It’s limiting the “best” weaponchoices in endgame but this should be no problem because those are soldier weapons ^^. You can swap some points in Unknown Soldier to get Behemoth but only if you find yourself dieing a lot.
In the End it would be beneficial to put 1 point in Bladearc to get Assasin’s Mark going but thats up to you because you can put it elsewhere as well. Whatever, i think this might be solid.

Apparently you missed the point that he’s playing Hardcore.

Playing a single-mastery character to level cap in Hardcore is not a challenge I’d want to take on. If I did, I certainly wouldn’t try to do it without a shield. If I had to play a 2handed soldier hardcore because the mob has kidnapped my family and is forcing me to play videogames in order to entertain their insane leader, I would go 100% defensive on my devotions.

Thank you Karnaga for taking the time to take a stab at it, and thank you Guurzak for the laugh. You obviously don’t know my family, I’d play 2H to level cap if they offered to take them in exchange!