Soldier Train Cost with no soldiers

As you can see in my screenshot I have no guards to soldiers, yet I am still running a huge negative on soldier train in my gold fund. I haven’t had soldiers of any type for 8+ months

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Only thing I might suggest is can you toggle the barracks off and see if it still persists?

Towers have a monthly upkeep called guard training that is present whether the tower is manned or not.

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snap… will have to work at a new plan then lol

Not sure towers affect this? I have the same issue soldier training is so high so I remove 2 towers and the cost did not change?

Just another point I cant get my head around I have a new game with 4 towers and 1 barracks but I am spending 80 gold on soldier training? 4 towers should be 20 , 5 each and the barracks I am guessing 5 per soldier that would be 50 plus the cost of the barracks which is 5. Shouldn’t it be 75?? if this calculation is right!

Are the buildings t1 or t2?

level 1 towers, funny the cost is now 70 wtf??

Barracks are free, you only pay for the cost of hiring (25g) and maintaining (5g) soldiers.

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is there a gold cost for industry buildings as a gain? A list somewhere?

No, they don’t cost. Only defense stuff, healer, compost yards and theatres.

I have a plus for gold it says industry? What is this amount for?

Are you smelting gold ore?

You have towers but unmanning them rather than switching them off means just that I think: the tower is “active” even if you take both guards out, and it’s the tower that costs, not the guards. I’m guessing that you have 39 towers…

That was in reply to the OP… which I realise is from August… ahem
70 is what you should be paying Starlord, the barracks doesn’t cost beyond the initial capital expenditure.

I too have -80 in soldier training. I got about 10 unmanned towers, barracks is shut off. The economy system could really use an overhaul. I have no ability to control were my gold is going and missing tools to prioritize service during peace (no raids).