Soldier - Veterancy passive could use Poison Resistance

From all my playthroughs and builds i make, i think Soldier end game builds usually suffer from Poison resistance, plus Veterancy seems to be one of the less desired passives and usually a one pointer.

Theme wise this skill could use Poison Resistance in my opinion, probably up to 20% on soft cap. What do you think?


I’m all for making Veterancy worth it, but your suggestion would still keep it one pointer. Just a direct buff to all builds that stack high +x to all soldier skills.

Decorated Soldier is basically the same.


My Warder maxxed out Veterancy and has Poison resistance overcapped by 30 %. I see no need for this.

I agree with poison res. You can put it there instead of -% physique req for armor (useless for a soldier). But my builds have more problems with chaos resistance (poison is second).

As for me, better give some physical resistance(poison res is not so common issue for soldier-type characters)

It’s actually not. A lot of Soldiers often get way too much DA that you can afford to drop some Physique to Cunning dump for damage/OA and knocking about a 100 or more Physique off heavy armour’s high 1035 requirement makes doing that easier.

This as well. One of the problems I have with making Veterancy good is that it can become another “must have” passive for Soldier users when a good chunk of the time they already have so many passives or skills to invest in that they don’t have points leftover at the end. Shield Soldiers especially struggle with this because they also have Shield Training and Overguard to worry about.

Maybe it’ll add in some variety so the same passives aren’t always picked but when you compare Soldier to other masteries with similar-styled skills, it just comes off as overloaded with generally good passives currently.

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Even if its still a one pointer, honestly a lot of soldier sets dont give Posion res. I’m currently trying to plan an Octavius build and cant overcap Poison cap at all without sacrificing so much. At this point im just tired of managing so many resistances. Maybe its just me…

Veterancy has actually become better recently with all the cunning dump physical and pierce Solider builds do. Allows them to use heavy armor with minimal physique investment.

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Not really imo.

Makes it too easy to cap for Witchblades and you only really need a purging prefix on an MI to cap it.

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