Some advice on end game Krieg Battlemage


Just curious if anyone has any suggestions for build. I am doing decent damage, but get cranked every once in while.

My gear needs some improvement, but I was just looking for some general advice on some good stats I should focus to be little more tanky end game. I am dual wielding right now, don’t have mind warps yet.

Using Hungering Void
Raise the Dead
Spear of Heavens
Arcane bomb
Flame Torrent
Ghoulish Hunger

Any tips or general suggestions would be great.

Here’s my Krieg DW Battlemage [] DW Krieg aether Battlemage Unfortunately GT is down currently. It should be better at current patch in terms of damage.

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so is it the mindwarps that give you so much damage? How do you Dual wield without the DW relic? and lastly, is it pretty durable? I seem to get surrounded sometimes and just get cranked. Thanks for build, when grimtools is up ill check it out.

Last comment in thread have some insights from my tests. Dual Wielding is through the DIrewolf Crest medal. Build is durable, yes.

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Thank you very much. I just hit 100 and got the full Krieg set, I crafted white lotus belt. and found some average tanky medal and amulet for higher resists. Using some generic epic maces that convert physical to aether.

Any recommendations on faction gear or anything I can craft to get started better? Looking forward to checking out your build in more detail, thanks.

EDIT: Btw is mindwarp just random world drop? its not target farmable is it?

Mindwarp is random drop sadly. Best farmable weapon is Theodin Marcell MI Scepter. Also you can have Solael pants from hidden path quest. Amulet can be easily crafted Empowered essence of Beronath.

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Thank you sir, very much appreciate your help and advice.
BTW what pants are you talking about from the hidden path quest?

EDIT: Fleshwarped strikes is giving more dps then my cadence fully leveled up, should I use that for now and use extra points in other skills?

Cadence have very high Weapon Damage. Fleshwarped strikes is more suited for characters without auto attacks like Spellbinder or Apostate. But even without using the attack, the aether base of the weapon is good. Plus Theodin can be farmed at elite, if your char is dying against him in Ultimate. Good prefix is Aetherfire for example. Suffix with attack speed can help you too, most common one is of ‘‘alacrity’’.

Pants, I am talking about Solael pants from Guardian Solael. But there are number of good legendary pants. Other than my used, Tranquil mind and Barbaros are good. But if you don’t have them farm Solael, Life steal+bleed and aether resistances base is good.

Awesome, thanks. This really helped allot. I got a Wraithbound that has 440% increase aether and a voracity that has 20% attack speed after few tries on elite. Really helped allot.

I am progressing some, fought my first nemesis and just got destroyed almost instantly. :slight_smile:

What should I focus on to have more survivability? I feel like if I try to move out of aoe I die so fast because I really seem to rely allot on life leech. I realize i need just more gear, but was just curious what I should focus on.

Any suggestions?

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As Melee build you need more Life steal. You should have Revenant +Ghoul and maybe even Bat bind to Cadence for extra life steal. Also max Maiven Sphere for absorb. Mirror as panic button. And ofc Defensive ability, 2850 or so it’s good enough. Physical resistance is important end game, but Krieg set offers plenty. Armor can help mitigate small hits, so Field command should be maxed, but also put two bloodied crystals in your rings.

Thanks, my DA right now is only 2564, but I pretty much had everything else you said except bat, so maybe for now ill drop dying god and grab bat.

so I backed out of dying god for now and got Bat leveled up to like 20, and its helping allot. I still can’t take out any nemesis. Still no mindwarps. I was thinking of doing some crucible as this is my first character I am really unsure where is the quickest and most efficient way to farm for legendaries.

Any suggestions would be great, I work allot and don’t have ton of free time, would like to spend it the most efficient. Thanks for all the help mate.

When GT is back you can see my build. But for now top priority is to increase your Defensive ability. Don’t know if you have unlocked Irrah augments for jewels- flat and percentage aether, also 70 DA. You can put in last resort Ravager eye augment for the weapons, from Barrowholm rep. But you need at least 2.8k DA.

Another thing that might help is damage reduction. You have as option War Cry skill. Damage reduction mechanic makes it valuable defensive tool.

Ofc cover your resistances, aether is priority for overcap. Armor can be high on Soldier based builds easily. Max Field command and bloodied crystals in rings.

As for life steal, Revenant, Bat and Ghoul provides nice number, so there isn’t potential for improvement.

As for farming, doing Steps of Torment is rewarding. Crucible too, but not sure what you can accomplish there at the moment.

Thanks for reply, I actually just cleared to crucible 100 and died on following wave, but I got my first mythical mindwarp which was nice upgrade. I will try to see what I can do get my DA up now. I have revered with every faction I believe.

EDIT: Btw yes i have Maiven’s sphere maxed and 12/12 for warcry for damage reduction. I am redoing my enchants now so I can overcap aether a bit and work on my DA.
How much overcap is good to shoot for?

Resistances overcaps depends on your class, but also where you’re playing. In Crucible optimal are: aether, 40%, elemental resistances by 30%,vitality 30%,acid 25%, chaos 20%, pierce and bleeding 10-15%. But it’s almost impossible to achieve these numbers at the same time. For campaign depends on the boos. SharZul for example have very strong RR debuff, so fire overcap is mandatory there. Same thing apply to Lokkar and Gargabol. Anasteria for example shred your resistances by half. So you need extra aether overcap against her and etc.

PS, for now Teo weapon and Mindwarp is pretty good combo. Just look your char and the fact Mindwarp proc is up all the time :slight_smile:


Just using 2 bloodied crystals that I farmed for and 2 ugdenbog leathers, and I got the 3 Irrah’s blood and that got me to 2973 DA. I got 2221 OA and 13791 Health.

DPS under combat stats for Cadence is 54309, not sure if that is important or not. Also got a Diamond on helm now.

DA is great, but see in GD the quest for balance isn’t easy :smile:

With that OA it’s impossible to crit anything and also you have under 100% probability to hit anything. And actually one of the few good things about BM is the abundance of OA. Just like DA, it’s good if you have 2.8k. So 2.8k DA and OA are good way to start any end game build.

You have inner focus to put at 12 points. 1 point in fighting spirit, few points in overload. Hawk as devotion, etc. But definitely OA needs improvement. I can see later today if I have still the safe file and will try maybe make some screenshots until GT is down.

:slight_smile: Yes it is , but fun trying.

I moved around some stats on build managed to get 2693 OA, 2995 DA and slightly more DPS. around 30% overcap on most resist, except vitality. At this point I think I just need to maybe farm crucible for more gear.

Whats the sweet point when farming crucible for legendaries? If I can say farm 100-140, should I just do 100-120, or just go as far as I can? I was reading some crucible guides, but most just discussed about 150-170 speed runs and such. I am just hoping to get gear and try clearing around 100-120.

EDIT: Do you think Kriegs wrath should be used on Cooldown for single target also?

Hey I finally killed my first nemesis :slight_smile: Archmage Aleksander in Fleshworks.