Some changes to Potions

Hello Grim Dawn community, as a veteran player from early Alpha, I spent in game dozens days\months of play, and one thing I want to suggest to all of you is change the elixir action time. Hope devs will check this post too :rolleyes:

Many players using damage buff potions, regeneration potions, resist potions and damage boost potions in their builds in game. The problem is in the time of their duration. Many builds practically clog the panel with a lot of different skills, which does not allow placing extra, a huge amount of elixirs that could be useful, or even vital in different situations. This makes their use extremely inconvenient, forcing the player right in the middle of the fight to open inventory many times, which leads to unnecessary deaths, and not the appropriateness of using such things. For example I have 8Skills (on panel1) and only one free slot for Elixir of Spirit I even don’t have free slot for Tonic of Mending…

Lets look on some Consumables:
Arcanum Oil
1 Second Skill Recharge
30 Second Duration
+50% Elemental Damage
+2 Energy Regenerated per second
Item Level: 5
Not much damage bonuses, and just 30 seconds active, not much really, and open every time inventory to activate this potion? Not a good option, and so on. Many simillar potions with same effect, boost for just 30 seconds… I dont think that is really useful, not many players will use them frequenlty, especially when you in one step from “death”.
My idea is to change the time duration to some potions, for example:
Arcanum Oil: 900sec
Bloodfang Oil: 900sec
Elixir of the Hunt: 900sec
Lifestealer Oil: 900sec
Venomfang Oil: 900sec
Dermapteran Oil: 900sec
Kymon’s Sacred Oil: 900sec
Ice-Blood Oil: 900sec
Heartseeker Oil: 900sec
Stoneheart Oil: 900sec
Hungerer Oil: 900sec
Vile Tincture: 900sec + lives for 45sec \ skill recharge60sec

This will makes their activation at least from inventory much more easier. Many of potions are also expensive in craft materials, and their duration time is not so big, especially for a long raids for example on Crucible waves. In the midst of the battle, potions for resistances end. This makes their use more difficult:

Deathwhisper Ointment
1 Second Skill Recharge
450 Second Duration
25% Vitality Resistance
20% Reduction in Vitality Decay Duration
They will be much more effective if they will have at least x2 (x3) times longer duration, because almost all of them “you use” only in battles with extremely fat and hard bosses killing which takes a very long time, and the ability to open inventory to activate the coveted elixir you simply do not have.

To activate active skills, we use one of two panels, but let’s not forget about buffs, as well as auras and passive boosts. Which in turn is placed on the second tab, and we again return to the point about the inconvenient use of many useful potions. Also, I suggest the idea of doing for example: a combination of keys cntrl+a (add potion to SET : skill slot on panel) cntrl+b (add second potion to SET : same skill slot on panel) cntrl+c (add third potion to SET : same skill slot on panel) cntrl+e (add last potion to SET : same skill slot) - and we will have (x4) potion on one tab, wich will make using of potions much more easier (if its possible).

Hope to hear your minds about this questions guys!

450 sec is 9 minutes, there are not really many bosses that should take that long

It’s 7,5 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, potions are so weak and irrelevant, why not buff them all to 450 sec duration? At least there might be a small chance I’d bother to use them.

I don´t know, 450 sec is a bit long, but some changes would be good.
Once you got decent gear, they are pretty much useless, nice on normal/veteran, afterwards most of them they don´t make much of an impact.
Especially not when you gotta risk dying to activate them.

GD UI is very sub optimal.
You gotta love the button to resize the minimap, carefully hidden in the bottom right corner of the screen and the loot filter button in the bottom left corner. :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a bar for potions? Just a thought.

tl;dr: Changes to potions: yay! Minimal coding and so on. :cool:

I hope to see PoE-like flask system in GD. Current flask are kinda meh, I try to avoid any of them.

The only potion I have really used is the anti-freeze potion when I fight Alkamo’s… and the duration is more than enough. The other ones do look impractical in the end game, and I never really used any of them, but I believe they are only meant for low level characters anyway.

I do think some of the potions could use a longer duration. 30 seconds… is really… short…

I’m in for this one. D2’s UI had a mini-bar menu that you could open/close to reveal it. Anyway the whole skill-bar thing is the very reason for D3’s design choice to limit a character’s skills to 6, + a potion. A good ARPG shouldn’t allow you to lift your hands to hit more than 7 buttons anyway, and it doesn’t.

I usually put all my buffs on the alternative bar up and still sometimes fkup when switching between bars after my buffs have been dispelled.

It’s one of the things that is hard to improve, look at any ARGP that wants to include large build variety - it often ends up cluttered with skills and potions/consumables that have no room on hotbars.

WoW even has this problem (even after decreasing their amount of skills drastically).

Resistance ointments are fine imo, good duration, not a problem to open inventory and use.

I would like to see other potions the same 450sec duration with a couple of changes.:

You can’t buy them from the shop must craft.
Only one type of oil/tincture can be active at a time, eg. either you go for the life steal or the ancients, not both.

900s is a bit too long for some of those pots; 900s of lifestealer is bordering on an item buff or constellation attribute in terms of in-game usefulness. There are 900s pots and they are rightly expensive to create. I do agree that for some builds even two hot bars is limiting, but I also find it difficult to conceive of a better alternative given my current understanding of this engine. If there were a change that I would like to see it would be for recipes to be made more readily obtainable. I’ve been on the hunt (so to speak) for one in particular for some time now, and like waiting for a piece of equipment to drop it gets frustrating but more so as it is a consumable and not a permanent item.

I couldn’t disagree more. They are far from useless, and I use several of them all the time both in Ultimate and in the Crucible. I don’t have too many issues regarding hot-bar slot availability either, but I can see it being an issue for builds that have many skills

I’d recommend that players familiarise themselves with potions as they can make an enormous difference. In fact, when I browse HC streams I see that those players are real guzzlers.

Way offtopic but today I learned how to resize the minimap, and make it marginally useful by getting it to show a bit more than what I could already see on the screen. ::mind::blown::

Are there minimap zoom buttons hidden somewhere? On the devotion screen maybe? :slight_smile:

Tell me about it - I recently discovered just how ridiculous Slithblood Tinctures are. Readily available near(ish)-immunity to melee-range attacks 40% of the time? Well, go on then. :eek: