Some Crucible QoL issues

Now that the Crucible is going to be updated with AoM content, I hope that you’ll keep in mind some of the issues that have plagued it since its creation.

1) Monsters that don’t leave their spawn area
It would help a lot if the less aggressive monsters would come out of the spawning zones

2) Allowing the player to choose the arena

Sometimes you end up resetting like 12+ times just to get the arena you want. Could we get a setting that remembers your favorite arena, or at least make it cycle through each arena on reset so you have to reset at most 4 times to get the one you want?

3) Resetting the same arena many times kills game performance

There is a good reason for players not to leave a game instance, because you won’t get the same unique item again if it already dropped which increases your odds of getting a desirable item.
Not sure if it’s because of the Devastation effect that lingers or because of the massive amount of yellow items hidden at the treasure spot, but performance gets worse and worse after many runs.
My Corpse Persistence slider is all the way to the left.

It would be good if resetting the Crucible would place you in a whole new arena to prevent this.

Fully agree with you +++

Seconded! Especially when the mobs just stays in that aether fire swamp and you canna see them

Gonna bump this so people can see it again. Especially the option to choose arena. I am so sick of having to save and exit 20 times to get crucible of the dead

I was just thinking about this the other day. It gets old pretty quick - and I’m not that fond of Crucible in the first place…

The mobs not leaving their spawn areas is my “Peter Griffin Gear Grind” tbh. Or “PGGG” - something similar to the sound I make when I encounter this exact scenario