Some Custom Skill Questions

I would like to know, to what degree are we allowed to create a new skill?

  • [li]Can it be entirely new? [/li]New animations & properties?

    [li]If not, do skills have to use pre-existing files? [/li]If so, can I at least mish-mash them? For example would it be possible to have Blizzard cast Fissures as well (not that I want to do that lol)?

    [li]If I can’t, then are custom skills limited only to what has already been designed?[/li]I won’t be able to do above at all, instead I can only change the numbers of a skill already in the game. Like making Cadence do Chaos damage and nothing else?

    [li]Can I at least use skills to trigger other skills?[/li]If I’m limited to tweaking modifiers can I add for example, 100% chance to cast Blizzard on hit to any skill?

    [li]Would it be possible to turn immobile skills into projectiles & vice versa?[/li]Can I turn Canister Bomb into a trap, or have Blizzard cascade outwards?

I have yet to look into Grim Dawn entirely, but I’ve been a long time modder for other games. I saw a post from a dev saying new skills were impossible, so I wanted to see what the specifics of that statement are before I started my project.

Kinda? Skills follow Templates, and you can only use existing templates (unless you’re one of those fancy people that somehow knows how to inject working templates into the game).