Some DW ranged for beginner!

Well I just started playing again after a long time
So anybody can recommend some topic for leveling guide with DW ranged

Look in the Beginner’s Compendium

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tks, bro <3 <3 <3

Rutnick’s blaster, look that weapon up on grimtools. It has inherent WPS procs, and allows dual wielding ranged. They are very fun to use. Though not sure about their lategame efficiency.

I use them while leveling many characters, even if I don’t get the OK or Arcanist bonuses.

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Problem with rutnick is oathkeeper has absolutely no support for aether until level 94 and bonemonger comes online, if you’re lucky to drop it. Basically hoping for yellow gear drops with aether damage and no skill support.

Best beginner no gear pistol setup is going to be with paladin sandspitters most likely. Both classes get some pierce/physical support from faction gear, and passthrough with Inquisitor wps, while no where near some firestrike peaks, is still pretty enjoyable.

Or purifier and just farm the green starter pistol at the beginning of act 1, piecemeal the rest