Some feedback as a returning player!

Hi guys,

Recently returned to the game and really enjoying going beyond where I’d reached previously. However there are a few small things I’d like to suggest/request

  • Please make an option available to have audio sfx/music continue when the game is not in focus/the user alt-tabs - personally I find it very jarring when the music cuts when I tab out
  • I love the grittiness and creepy atmosphere in the game that few games manage to pull off, but I’d love to see at least the option to have more restricted vision/a light radius type capacity to make areas a bit more immersive and exciting to explore
  • Could items like levers/chests be made more obvious in the environment or just an option added to label them? Sometimes the shimmer is obvious, others it gets a bit drowned out especially if mobs have died nearby and have filtered loot on top

Thanks and continued best wishes in developing this awesome game

Hey, 90 hours later and still having a blast. Some more ideas based on more hands-on time

  • Add a search feature to the Illusionist interface to help find matching pieces more easily
  • Compile/list complete matching sets eg “Plate”, “Embroidered”, “Bloodsworn”, “Ascendant” - this would make it far more practical and exciting/satisfying to track down missing item appearances and complete entire looks even if they’re not the ultra-flashy, burny-glowy types
  • Make it possible to use all materials such as dynamite, scrap etc from the Stash even when out in the field, having to carry such items in case you run into a ruined shrine or barricade/locked chest is just a capacity-tax that doesn’t really add challenge or interest imo
  • Similar to writs, maybe add maps or a cartography NPC that enables you to reveal entire maps with their points of interest if you complete all quests or kill all mobs in areas/sub areas, again like the writs it would benefit people on new characters but only give them what they have already achieved/seen and adds QOL, nothing that can’t be done without a community tool like GrimTools checklist but still more practical to have it in-game and especially for players who aren’t as in the loop with such resources. Conceptually it could also be an item that in-universe communicates your character’s knowledge via the aether into your other character when they start the same journey canonically, ooh spooky

Thank you and keep on keepin’ on, look forward to many more hours

Shrines already loot from the stash so no problem with that. For the others anything that has a dialogue screen has to be in your inventory. That’s just how the dialogue/quest system works.

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Awesome ty, I’ll stash my components in future at least, used to keep a mix with me!