Some guidance on how to tag / name my new item?

Hey, so I got this far with creating not just a new item, I created a mythical monster infrequent basically lol. The item level however did not spawn correctly, I had it set for 50 for test purpose but this spawned 41? Also Tag not found, I tried to mimic the soul blade one for the art. Created a new D_209 but still a bit stuck. How do I also properly name the new weapon? If there is a full guide on this please direct me, the mod guide item tag name did not make a lot of sense, I hope I did it correct. My D209 description does have the weapon name I want.

Ok… so I am stuck here, I turned on affix to see them just to make sure that was working.
My issue is getting this item to tag properly. I mimic what other items do but this isn’t working the same. Also item art missing in inventory but is displayed properly if equipped / dropped. Item text says tag not found so guess I need to go check an item with text and see how that is tagged.

Wish the guide was more in detail on how to properly do this stuff.
Ok fixed item art to display. I am stuck with text tag. I added it into the tagsgdx2_items but this did not work. Is there somewhere else I have to edit?

You should create a Text file in your mod directory. I don’t recall off hand the default folder name something like lang/text.

File Name to add
my_custom_weapons.txt (can be anything)

If you don’t already have a weapon file just toss in a new .txt basic file into it (right click new text file). In that text file it should contain
tagGDX2WeaponSwordD209=My Unholy God Sword of Angels & Brimstone

However, in order for the game to recognize that txt file you must right click it in the asset manager and select auto create asset. When you rebuild it should display the name.

NOTE: I always open that file from the editor when I make changes. I then save it and when I rebuild it works. I believe if you just open the text file outside of the editor it may not be updating properly because it doesn’t recognize changes are being made.

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Ok great! I will try this. I think I was on the right track as I copied the text file from gdx2 into the mod but I never did the asset builder part where I figured I needed to do something and build in order to make it update properly.

Oh my god I finally got it to work! Thank you Dawn_Infinity! Took me a few tries to understand how to make new asset and I figured it out lol. Now I can properly balance this, change drop rate and create a couple tiers. It’s so cool, its a M.I. that is legendary and comes with hidden affix’s. You don’t see the affix names added kind of like Titan quest M.I.'s. Frikkin sweet lol. Thinking to make legendary a 1/50 and mythical 1/100 rate from malmouth final boss. Now I can create MOAR!

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There balanced it and took off mythical tag for lv 50 version. I will make lv94 one Mythical status but twice as hard to drop :slight_smile: Love this game haha