Some help with my Vitality build please


So here is my build… far from done really… not even quite 100 yet but just about:

This is my first Vitality based build, and I’m kind of wondering about my Devotions, if anyone thinks they can improve it (I’m sure it can be)… Is it possible to get Abominable Might in this?

I’m also not exactly sure what Wendigo’s mark is doing, it seemed hard for me to test, but it does seem to keep proccing more life steal… and I do love Giant’s blood on Blast Shield.

I know my equipment isn’t exactly optimal or anything but it’s what I got for now. I’m doing pretty well and feel pretty tanky at this point still. Just did Ancient Grove a couple times and the boss took a little bit but it went alright.

Anyway, I guess my main thing was Abominable Might seems so good and I just wasn’t sure if I could fit it in a build like this. Open to any advice. Thanks!

Your current setup is good and standard for vitality casters. You can take Abominable Might only by cost of Dying God, which makes no sense.